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I need help - Friendly routes near Chinatown, Yokohama.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
In the states, I spent my winters training for spring marathons. My wife put us in the lottery for the Tokyo marathon - however we were not selected. I was not too worried, because I figured I would run anyway and just not be a regimented. I have discovered I am a creature of structure and planning - No goal = no plan = no run.

Running used to be my only winter time activity with mountain biking. My road bike would sit in the living room all winter waiting for marathon season to be over. - So this is the problem... I like dark beer and lots of it in the winter. I typically would run just under 200km a month training (and cross train on the MTB) and those offset each other well.

Not Running + drinking = fat .

My feet have taken some abuse over the past winters so I am thinking of riding through the winter instead or running. Reduce the shock on the body and hopefully be strong in the spring when the touring season starts.

Since I am new to Yokohama, I have not found any routes that will allow me to just spin for any significant time. I can do wind sprints from light to light. I can play 'dodge the taxi' - while this keeps me on my toes, I am not getting any endurance riding.

Last month I rode 190km with Kuba and realized (painfully) my cardio is no longer where it was before I moved here. Any suggestions of routes I may be able to take to quickly get out of the stop and go? I get off work around 2pm and would love to rock out a 2 hour ride and be home and showered before the wife gets home. Maybe 3 or 4 times a week.

With traffic it takes me just about an hour to get to Tsurumi and Tomagawa rivers. If I do that and ride either of the rivers, I will get home too late.

So please help with some routes if you know any and help me not get fatter! :rolleyes:

The end goal would not to race, but rather to hold my own in long weekend rides and do my fair share of pulling when the time comes. Weight loss is just a welcomed byproduct.
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