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I am new to road cycling


Sep 2, 2010
I am new to road cycling. Recently bought a Gaint Defy and have been working on my stamina for long distance cycling:. I feel I am ready now. Looking for friends/bikers/clubs.Please include me in your team.I am a software engineer and stay at Hon Atsugi.


My name is Andrew and I am new to it too. I worked as a bike courier in Australia for a while and am riding a fixed gear over here now. I live in Chiba and am keen as to get together and ride/race.
Hi Andrew,

I am Sidhartha from India. I have been living in Japan for a couple of years.
Lets plan some trip soon.If you have already planned I am ready to join you.

Sounds good,

I usually ride around Chiba.... you are on the other side of Tokyo, maybe we can organise a ride in Tokyo hills sometime soon
I am Justin also new to the road cycling. Just bought a pinarrello fp1.
As just have been in Tokyo for two months, have not get any chance to join any rides. Please let me know if you have plans although I am at quite low level in terms of experience.
Hi all,

I am Badar from India, new to cycling (and to this forum). I live in Tokyo and just bought a bike. Nice to meet you guys here..

Anyways, I am planning to go to Chiba Kujukuri beach this Sunday with some of my friends on bike. If anyone of you're interested then please reply here..
a rough plan is as follows:

0550 hrs Meet at Tokyo station

0600 hrs Leave Tokyo station towards Chiba

Tokyo to Yagouchi on route 14 --> straight city road, 13 kms, less than an hour

0730 hrs Cross Edogawa and again join route 14 upto Chiba

Yagouchi to Chiba --> 25kms flat road, 2 hours

1000 hrs Leave Chiba after refreshment

Chiba to Oami --> route 20, 22kms flat road, 1.5 hrs or less

Oami to Kujukuri beach --> route 83, 11 km of scenic rural road to end into the sea! 1 hour

1230 hrs Reach the Beach

Stay there as long as we want and then return on the same day...

The above is just a tentative plan changes to which may be possible as I planned it sitting on computer with no prior experience on this route (or any route, in fact).

Dozo yoroshiku
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