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Hyogo Coast to Coast, 兵庫県、海岸から海岸へ


Nov 21, 2006
I`m gonna do this ride either either starting Wednesday 17th August, or the following week, Wednesday 22nd August.

Schedule is as follows:
Day 1; Himeji start, cycle north to Shirosaki (城崎-I think that`s how to read it)Onsen area, mainly up Route 312, though using smaller roads where possible. 100km?
Day 2; cycle east along the coast at a very leisurely pace, swim in the sea, eat, drink, end up around Tottori (which kinda takes the tour outta Hyogo) 50km?
Day 3; cycle south either route 29, which comes out just east of Himeji, or route 373 which comes out just east of Aioi, then cycle up the coast to Himeji. 100km plus

I will allow a total of four days for the tour in case something goes wrong, or I can`t tear myself away from the coast.


I will do this with full kit, tent, etc, so not gonna break any speed records, would prefer take it slowly and spend the money saved on minshuku/ryokan on extra quantities of beer and sake.

Other riders welcome, haven`t had the chance to meet anyone in the flesh yet...

Also, any advice on pitching tents in public places in Japan would be welcome. Recently saw a tent pitched with four bikes outside in the grounds of Himeji castle, (anyone from this site?) so I guess generally must be relaxed attitude.
Good Luck

Sounds like fun! I will be returning from Tohoku sometime around 6-7 August; it isn`t likely the Chama will allow me too much fun.:(

Shouldn`t be any problem camping on beaches. I`ve read about people asking to camp at shinto shrines and buddhist temples and receiving permission.

Good Luck!
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