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ill lo9ic

Apr 4, 2009
Hi all. Name is Joe and I just moved here from San Francisco, CA. Currently living in Ooami (south east chiba ken near the coast). I studied abroad here for a year in college and lived in Tokyo at that time. Wanted to be a bit more rural for this stay.

Anyway, I was a bike messenger for a year in SF and I ride track bikes, or fixed gears/fixie if you want to call it that (but those words seriously make me cringe). But, I ride them cross country, up and down mountains and everywhere else. Cant explain it, but I love them. Theyre just fun I guess.

Im amazed at how easy it is to traverse Japan. I rode from Ooami to Chiba and back without ever looking at a map. Going to try and ride to Tokyo and back tomorrow I think.

If anyone lives and rides within Chibaken we should get together.
Welcome! There's at least one other person out in Ooami I think (look back through the intros) and also Togane. Some good riding out here--you're close to the coast, so you can follow it up to Choshi or south through Shirako and then to the inland hills of the peninsula, where the best Chiba roads lie. Some nice rolling roads east and north of the airport, and Ooami > Kujukuri coast > Choshi > Tone River > Inbanuma > Sakura > Ooami makes for a good century ride.
Cool, Ill have to dig through and find some other people. I did a century ride yesterday through the hills and along the coast and took about 300 pictures haha. This is a really beautiful area. Here are some pics to prove it http://japanpart2.shutterfly.com/23

Some other areas mixed in, and beward of track bike pictures.

Hi Joe,

My name is Yulin. I live in Yokohama area and heard from a friend mentioned that Chiba is a good spot for cycling. I've been wanting to check out the place but don't know how to get on the ferry to Chiba. I'm planning to park my car to Yokosuka one day and take the ferry to Chiba. It will be nice if you can show me the area.

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