Howdy from kheegster, 35, sportive rider


Mar 5, 2018
Berkeley, CA
Hi all,

I'm an academic new to Tokyo living in the Ueno area. I'm originally from Malaysia but have wandered around quite a bit: my last domicile was the San Francisco Bay Area.

I'm definitely not a racer but like long rides that take me a good distance: my typical flat pace but relatively slower on climbs as I'm out of shape. I like to put in at least a 100km ride in the weekends, and enjoy riding in sportives, gran fondos, and centuries.

My first adventure last weekend after putting my bike back together was to go up to Tsukuba to link up with the RinRin Road to Iwase (with a digression to hunt for a rinko bukuro!). After a rather hair-raising 1.5hrs to get out of Taito and Adachi, I would particularly appreciate suggestions for how to find road bike-friendly routes within the city.

Hope to ride with your guys!


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011

The best way out of the city is on the rivers or the trains!
Most of the rivers have roads next to them that are either just for bikes or have very few cars on them.
You should be able to get to Arakawa easily and that will take you all the way to the Tokigawa area where there are a bunch of mountain roads to explore.

I live in Adachi-ku, so not too far from Ueno. +1 for the Arakawa as a good way to get out of Tokyo if you live in the East. I ride on it most weekends if I'm not hopping on a train with a rinko bag. You can also use it to link up to the Tonegawa, which will take you all the way to the mountains in Gunma. Harunasan is a particularly good climb with a lake at the top.

I think some of the others on here meet up for rides on the Arakawa but I haven't got around to hooking up with them yet. Anyhow, I'm also into long rides, plus I'm out of shape after the winter, so it'd be good to meet up.
I forgot to mention, if you're living in Ueno then you can get the Chiyoda line from Yushima station that becomes the Odakyu line. The Odakyu goes all the way out south-west to Odawara and lets you access some great mountain passes like Yabitsu pass along the way. The best part is that it only costs about 1000円 from central Tokyo all the way out.