how to ship my road bike ? (safely) from tokyo to countryside city

romain dmr

Feb 15, 2018

do you know how can i ship my bike from tokyo to countryside city ? i could send to an hotel or to a specific facility for delivery ?
from Tokyo to Shingu 新宮. i would like transportation to be safe as it s carbon frame.
i have a bike bag for plane but i would like to use a carton box as i will do a traverse and not a loop. if better to send the big bike bag for plane i could also do that and then will do a loop instead of traverse.

on march 20-21-22, we will do fastpacking running trip in nara/mie prefectures around kumano kodo ~100km.
we will finish in Hongu Shrine and take a bus to Shingu 新宮.

i would like to continue the trip with my bike for 1 or 2 more days: tentative route here:
- day 1: 180km Odaigahara-zan - from Shingu to Owase ;
- day 2: 200km from Owase following south coast ;

Happy rides,
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