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how to ship a bicycle?


Nov 5, 2006
hello all. I have been unable to sell my bicycle, and the return date is coming up fast.

Therefore, I am going to need to ship my bikes home.

Do any of you know a good cheap shipping service where I can ship my bicycles to America?

Yes. I assume you are flying back to the US. United (and most of the air lines) do not charge any for odd sized sporting goods. You can get paper bike box from a bike shop for free and pack up your bike in the box, by removing wheels, pedals, and the rear derailer, as well as handle and front folk. It is not that difficult to disassemble and assemble a bike for this much. Some of the bike shops such as Y's in Tameike pack their customers' bikes to Hawaii for the Honolulu 100 mile run. They are very well experienced in packing and sending bikes via air. They may charge a bit, but, they can certainly pack your bike for you. Though odd sized bike box is free, it is considered to be one luggage. But, the box will have lots of air in it, you will have plenty of space for clothing.

If you live somewhere close to Minato-ku, I would be happy to help you pack your bike and teach you how to assemble when you get back to the US. Also, if you are from San Franicsco, I can have my friend there assemble it, too.

I am in the Air Force so I never dealt with the issue. I would suggest a bike case (hard type) and take it on the plane with you.
Have you spoken to those Kuroneko Yamato people? They had some reasonable services from the UK to Japan, though I don't think there was a bike specific one. To get a good deal you would need to pack yourself.

Since you mention bikes in the plural I don`t think taking them on the plane yourself is gonna be an option is it? I find in a soft case bikes still often sustain some damage. Ditto when being sent with a shipper. Maybe you could ship one and carry the other, assuming you are taking just two that is.

Good luck.
sold the bikes except one.

we're still waiting to hear the final verdict on one bike, although.

the one I haven't sold is an OLD panasonic PR500 and I may just give it to the next teacher since I got it at a garage sale.

I would bring home a frame if I could find a beautiful 3Rensho or something.

Steel Panasonics are easy to find, though.
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