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HOW TO: prevent flats on your tubular tire


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
One name says it all "STAN'S"
1. Remove valve core. if this is not possible on your tubular tire, stop reading and wait until you get a flat, then purchase a tubular tire with a removeable valve core.
2. Insert plastic surringe into Stans bottle. The trick is to cut the bottle so the surringe fits snuggly.
3. The directions state to shake and pour the bottle inverted for maximum sealing performance. I also draw the sealant into the surringe inverted to capture the micro sealing particles.
4.Stick the surringe in the valve core and release.

The question ensues "will my perfectly balanced wheel become unbalanced" The answer is.. undoubtedley YES. just a skoge though. when I balance the saddle from a hanging rope, the bike does hobble wobble a little I never could notice this when riding. Willl you run over glass and continue riding.. undoubtedly (I dont spell check, sorry, you get it so why should I)
SO, I have been known to only put a teaspoon in the rear and zero in the front on UBER light wheels because in reality I havent had a front tire puncture in quite a while (knock-knock) but on the training tires (i know "you train on tubulars") 1-2 tbsp and forget the spare tub at home. bring the celly JIK though
Using tubulars sounds like using heroin.. I'm too scared to touch the stuff. Hope I don't get hooked on them...life is hard enough... :cool:

They are an expensive habit I wouldnt recommend to anyone who isnt already hooked. Once you tryem though... Themonkeys on your back forever.
Really though.I ride clinchers and tubeless as well, but the whole time I have tubulars dancing in my head.

Silly. I know
Raced both tubular and clincher and although I would switch back to tubular in an instant Vittoria Open tubular offer the closest you can get to that tubular feeling.
My geared bikes still have Clement silks glued on. I guess you guys will never know the feeling of sitting in the cellar with aging silks, salami, wine and cheese. Pondering strategies, surrounded by the odors of those things rightous born of men, and steel and sweat and pain. Something to soothe bruised egos, torn muscles and ripped clothes. A glass of old, bitter wine and the promise to push just a little harder the next time. Your name chalked on the pave or wall - thats what its all about. Clinchers are convenient - thats about all...

If you loved Clement, Check out the company Challenge, claimed to be made in the same factory as Clement was! Great Imagry:)
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