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How safe are the roads?


Apr 6, 2008
Hey all,

I'm moving to Japan for 3 months for an internship and want to bring my bike (or rent one while I'm there). I will be in Sagamihara at ISAS. Does anyone know how safe the roads are there? I asked some of my colleagues that I will be working with and they said that roads are narrow and have never seen anybody biking on them. I am just trying to figure out if this is just a non-cyclist concern or whether there is a problem. Are cars/trucks generally accepting of cyclists in Japan?


This is a picture of your average train station in Japan.
90% of the population ride bicycles ...even 80 year olds.
The traffic is very aware of cyclists and it is easy to ride just about anywhere.
HOWEVER, there are always bad drivers and you have to ride very defensively to avoid death.

The only time I`m concerned is inside tunnels when trucks enter behind you and overtake.
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