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How Many Total KMs Are You On?


Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
I know it's difficult to accurately record total distance,etc.,but what have you actually achieved in terms of total distance during the past 12 months,10 years,etc?


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
On track to do about 6k km this year, same as the last few, and well less than half of the above. Winter is a wash here--snow makes late Dec, or esp. Jan/Feb and sometimes early March un-ridable for this wuss.

Overall, it seems like my norm, or what I'm comfortable with.


on edit >> OTOH, at least I'm still riding, unhurt, and intend to keep doing so for another month or two, and have not had to curtail my riding due to back pains or other injury. ;)

Maybe the question should be: From now till new year's, how many more km do you think might be reasonable?

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I logged pretty much every km since I started riding in 2005. First with Polar S720i, and latterly with Garmin Edge 800.

I was frustrated to find recently that all my data up to Feb this year had disappeared somehow from the computer. It might be on a backup... somewhere.

Since Feb this year - 6,251 km according to Garmin Training Center. Previously years have been around 10,000 km.


Found the data. Hmmm...

2005 - 2,546 km (got bike in August)
2006 - 10,370 km
2007 - 10,258 km
2008 - 7,822 km (but I did break my back)
2009 - 10,111 km
2010 - 8,911 km (before Polar thingy died on me)
2011 - 6,251 km (but I did break my shoulder, and it's only October)


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
This made me check back through my old excel files. Like jdd, not much chance to ride December, January, February and most of March.

Used to do lots in the 8 "riding months":

2007: 17662 km
2008: 17292 km
2009: 16704 km

But stopped keeping track since then. Probably less since we had our first child 2 and half years ago, Now trying to focus on quality over quantity or moreover the balance between hard training, easy training and rest.




Speeding Up
Oct 15, 2010
Got up to 5,648 before sending my frame back. Now do about 200kms a week on my MTB commuting with an extended trip or two depending on time.

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
One of the annoying things about the iSmartTrain software for Mac OS is that it tells me too much, like...

2005 - 2,546 km @25.4 kph average
2006 - 10,370 km @23.7 kph average
2007 - 10,258 km @24.5 kph average
2008 - 7,822 km @23.9 kph average
2009 - 10,111 km @22.6 kph average
2010 - 8,911 km @22.1 kph average
2011 - 6,251 km @16.1 kph average*

* Not sure about the last one as it's data imported from Garmin TC and might include all the time I've been stopped.

So it seems I'm slowing down. WTF!? Maybe this is the product of more mountain rides. It's certainly not the result of deliberately-more-cautious commuting. :confused: Anyway this was a factor in my decision today to buy a set of rollers so that I can get some more uninterrupted miles in whatever the weather.


Maximum Pace
Apr 9, 2007
Been stuck for almost 3 weeks now at 13,979.9km for 2011...I've already kissed my 18,000km goal goodbye :eek:uch:
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