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How do you explain the plasticizer Al?


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
So, while Alberto is swearing up and down that he ate contaminated meat and he should not be penalized because it is impossible to analyse every piece of food to eliminate possible contamination, where is his defence to the plasticizer? The test found traces of this specific type of chemical that is found in plastic IV bags.
The test found levels of plasticizer eight times higher than the minimum amount that signifies doping.

8 TIMES!!!!
One thing that should be noted is that it is not againt regulations to have plasticizer in your blood, so lets fix that! DUH?
Also the media is so misleading, They are only focusing on clen, how little there was, what it was and so forth but really the clen was used during his preperation to produce lean muscle mass and during his preperation they mistakenly drew blood to later use for transfusion during the tour thinking it was clean.

I just had to point this out because all I have been reading about is clen this and meat that bla, bla, bla!
Tell me a good reason for that and maybe, just maybe I can get it out of my mind that you dont have to be a revolving human blood bag to win big.
I've read somewhere that, currently, the plasticizer in blood is not considered as a direct evidence of doping - this test is not adopted in UCI or WADA or whatever testing authorities there are and is not officially connected to the doping.

I think they need more time to pilot test it to use it officially.

Clentador might also say that the plasticizer came from... erm contaminated dessert? which was transported in plastic blood bags to preserve the original taste :)

Yeah, I understand how he really does not have to speak to that fact there was plasticizer found and that the media basicly halted commenting about it based on the fact it has no legal weight because it is not approved as of yet to incrimanate riders, but maybe it will take people on social networking forums such as TCC to complain about it in order for it to be looked at more. After all it is people like us that are the heart of the fan base of the pro peloton, and I just had to put it some where in some form because all of my favorite magazines and websights are being straight cowards by not looking into the real facts.
A blood transfusion from a bad crash or surgery would have the same effects as blood doping, I imagine.

He forgot to unwrap it before cooking?

A blood transfusion from a bad crash or surgery would have the same effects as blood doping, I imagine.

There would be a paper trail regarding the needfor a transfusion and they can be pretty accurate with these test results, literly down to the day. So as a rider you would be absolved due to the fact that there was a need and witnesses to the transfusion.
Well, not to get off topic, but has any rider won the Tour CLEAN since the 1990s? I mean, without a shadow of a doubt clean?

Somebody enilghten me...please:)
I imagine at the very least, everyone is at least taking caffeine. LA is known for his obsession with coffee.

Sure, it's legal, but it's still technically a PED.
Plasticizer alone cannot/should make a person guilty, but.....

Evidence of plastcizer combined with some other abnormality (trace of clem, changed hemocrit, etc...) should enter into the case. Circumstantial evidence of sorts - and pushing beyond a reasonable doubt.

For me, I'm buying the theory that Contador transfused some blood during the rest day, and the blood in the bag was taken 3-4 days after someone took Clen. Who knows if that was Contador's blood or some other guy with same blood type. Either way the two combined make it hard to believe he was clean.
Lets just face it - almost every rider uses PED, or would if they could! Going back to the very first TDF's and infamous &-Day events. Peronsally they are much better off now than even the 60's and 70's where the dope of choice was hardcore speed, synthetic adrenals and anabolics.
Let's be fair, the most important performance enhancement is genetics and training... all the PEDs in the world won't get you into a Tour-level peleton without these.
Everybody keeps records these days

I want to know the name of the butcher where the meat was bought. We know what date it allegedly was. Then I want to see the records of where the butcher bought his beef, what farms it came from, etc.

You know when this meat was sold, the guy buying it told the butcher, "I'm taking this to Contador tonight." So the butcher knows exactly where the beef came from because I'm sure if he is supplying meat for the Spanish National hero of the moment, he sold only his highest grade beef.

Trace it back to the cattle ranchers and examine the live stock for any signs of clen. Look through their records. Hook these guys up to a polygraph and ask them if they have ever given clen to their cattle. Look through their supply lockers to see if they have any of the drug. Really do a top notch investigation and settle this matter. Do some ramdom piss and blood tests on the cattle.

If there was plastic in his blood, then use that as evidence as well. If he had a legit IV, then there will be a record of that with a doctor's name who supervised it being given.

But then I guess there is not really a reason to do this under the current system because if the drug is in your system, you are guilty and it is up to the rider to do this investigation. The riders won't do it because they are guilty and it is not in their best interests, in my opinion
I wonder if they still make the old style glass IV bottles... :rolleyes: :D
They will now...

... and every single rider who dopes will dehydrate themselves and get a fluid IV just so they can cover their tracks with their blood transfusion IV.
Someone was listening...

...FROM VELONEWS: The hunt for Contador's steaks
The Spanish daily La Vanguardia claims that WADA investigators have tracked the meat Alberto Contador blames for his positive clenbuterol test to a Spanish provider whose products have never before shown traces of clenbuterol. The paper also reports that only one case of meat contamination turned up among 286,748 quality control tests conducted on European beef in 2008, and that lone sample was found in Italy.
An old excuse was... IVs are used for rehydration...
Do some of them actually rehydrate with IVs? Especially after long hot days?
1 yr vs 2

I think 1 year suspension is a half guilty/middle of the road verdicit... a bit of a cop out ....

your thoughts?
Considering the suggestion is coming from the Spanish cycling association... seems sort of like having a parent decide whether to send their kid to jail or receive a spanking. It's in their best interest for him to be riding.
@trad agreed. The rules are known. If you have this shit in your system, you're banned. Period. If you can't prove otherwise beyond a reasonable doubt - like where's the smoking beef already? Then, sorry - you're OUT. 2yrs - same as anyone.
Home Country Resolve

I think that the Spanish cycling governing body knew they had to do something, especially in light of the number of high profile doping cases coming from their members. So they opted to give the minimum possible, that way they get El Pistolero back on the road this season, in time for the home tour in late August, yet they appease the UCI/WADA. They just hope it is not raised to two years on appeal.

I am still a bit upset that the Spanish Cycling Federation did nothing with all the blood bags seized in Operation Peurto. They had blood, they have DNA on all the riders available through the biological passport. It would have been a fairly easy matter to take the DNA from the bags, then match it to the DNA of the riders available through their passports.

Italy did this on the sample they had, would have been easy for them to do the same. I am sure this was swept under the rug due to the number of big time riders who would have gone down. It is just frustrating that not all the federations take doping as seriously as the others and you get punishments all across the board.

Time to get off my soap box. No one really cares about my opinions anyways!
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