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How do you carry indispensable items?


Feb 22, 2008
As road bike is worst fitted to carry something with you, I've been searching for the best way to carry essential items like tubes, basic tools, pomp, map and so on. Various types of bike bags like handle bag, saddle bag, back pack and etc. Some of you may carry them in your jersey pockets. In terms of minimizing air friction, too muck balky bags are not likely to be used. Nor weighty containers are not popular among bikers. I haven't reached best solution for this purpose. What is your best idea? :(
Mountain Feed Bag. Not just for MTB, and not just for food!


Hi snoogly, Thanks.

It looks persuasive but how do you fix it to your bike?
Is it a kind of handle bar bag? No instructions were found about it on company's web.
I think the trick is not to carry too much stuff... For most rides, I can fit everything I need into a standard saddlebag and jersey pockets:

- Glueless patches, spare tube, tire irons, hex keys, pocket knife and adjustable spanner go in a standard Topeak saddle bag.
- Food, cell phone, money, rain jacket (when required), pocket pump and maps (single photocopied sheets) go in the jersey pockets.

Before I started wearing cycling jerseys on every ride, I had a large Topeak saddlebag that could hold all of the above (except the rain jacket).

Sometimes, a waist pouch/bag is useful if bringing extra stuff such as a full bento lunch, camera, etc.
I have a water bottle-shaped "bag" that is my tire kit. It fits in a bottle holder and holds lots--irons, spare tube, patch kit, gas cartridge & nozzle, along with some other stuff (a surgical glove or two and a couple paper towels to keep the hands clean if I have to deal with the chain).

Next is a waist/fanny pack, that I got free with a case of beer. It's light, washable, and will hold quite a bit if you want it to. It usually has my wallet, phone and keys, along with a couple mini tissue packs--just in case a public toilet is out of TP. I sometimes also throw in an allen wrench or two if I'm playing with some adjustments. It'll also hold a small camera, or maybe a pamphlet of some kind, or my bank book. It balloons, so it'll also hold a breaker, or my glasses if I'm climbing and don't want them sweat-logged.

I like that one since its contents are right there--camera or a snack or two fit in real nice. Camera, sure, but this one is almost always for food.
For those that like to carry a bit more than the bare minimum, a small back pack like the Deuter Race (10 l, 573 g, MSRP 6825 JPY) might be an acceptable solution for some.

My bits and bobs go in a saddle bag and a tool bottle that fits in a bottle cage as also mentioned by jdd.
It is really exciting to see you guys are endeavoring to find best way to fit to your own requirements. My primary concern is feed bag fairly big in size. So, I'm curious to find a sort of container to carry foods easy to reach on the nonstop riding. snoogly's suggestion might be one of solution. :)
What is your special drinks and foods to bring with bike?

I'm also curious to know what do you guys recommend us to supply during bike riding. :warau:
Wife gave me one of these last year. Used it on TdC and Noto and it worked well.
Used it to carry a spare tubular until my Jandd Tire bag came in. Now I use it for rides where jersey pockets won't hold enough or when running.
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