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How a bicycle is made


Mar 20, 2012

Wonderful! And a fascinating insight into the manufacturing processes of the time. Does anyone have any similar films that show the manufactuing process for modern bikes I wonder? I suspect it is highly automated, but I would love to know how they get made and put together.


Maximum Pace
Nov 3, 2007
If you want to know more about how bikes are made, I recommend:

1. For a start, check out these Rapha Continental Builders videos:


.. and if you look through the videos aggregated at


you can find plenty of other online videos about builders like Independent Fabrication, etc. (often as much marketing as info, but still fun to watch).

2. Read "It's All About the Bike: the Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels" by Robert Penn. A good, quick read.

3. Take a 2-week class and build your own custom steel dream frame. I did it at UBI in Portland, Oregon ( bikeschool.com ), which is a great program taught by some very talented builders ... and there are various others out there, mostly run by individual framebuilders -- such as Koichi Yamaguchi ( http://www.yamaguchibike.com/content/School ).

Of course, none of this shows you have Giant, Trek or other factory bikes are made ... just the custom, one-at-a-time approach.
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