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Homage to the Black Knight and Sir James


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
In the year of our Lord 2010 two brave knights did meet on the plains of Kanto.

The Black Knight with the banks of the river and many slain behind him did face Sir James, whom had waged war through the Hills of the Giants of Yomuri, did face one another in mortal combat.

The Black Knight riding his noble steed Black Thunder did sense a challenge worthy of his skill, while Sir James upon Red Kite the beautiful steed from lands far away, yet fallen to infidels did need to cross the river to meet with his fellow crusaders to lay waste to distance lands.

Their steeds sensing the pending joust did dance and twitch to the pending challenge and without a word the knights took charge and raced across the open land.

As the knights bore down upon one another nature held its breath for it was if the fabric of this world would be torn asunder when these noble knights clashed and the apocalypse would be unleashed upon this world.

As the two knights blurred into one, they both raised a hand in salute of honor to one another and that today would not be the day that these noble men would clash.
James, alas please do teach us mere mortals the meaning of sucheth a post:confused:
Ha ha! Fantastic stuff, James.

Mike, James is writing about the brief encounter we had on the One-kan yesterday morning. I was heading toward Hashimoto and he was heading toward the Tamagawa. I saw a dude approaching who looked a littler bigger than the average One-kan warrior and whose pedaling style had a real sense of purpose to it -- strong, focused, determined.

As he passed, I shot my head back in a double-take, and realized who I was witnessing. At that moment, he appeared to have made the same realization and emitted a gutteral cry of recognition, to which I responded in the same manner.

I looked back one more time, to check if he was going to turn around and challenge me to a duel, but both of us had our own missions to accomplish and so had to leave our showdown to another day.

Nice seeing you, Sir James!

You too Black Knight....I ended up doing Takao, Matsushime, Tomin no mori that day a grand total of 242km.

This coming weekend I'm racing a crit and then full on training for the Tokyo - Itoigawa. So we should get together for some runs.
You too Black Knight....I ended up doing Takao, Matsushime, Tomin no mori that day a grand total of 242km.

Were you with another rider yesterday? I thought I saw you flying by, as Sergey and I climbed Tomin-no-mori from Musashi-Itsukaichi.
I was with Mr. Knott until Okutama and then climbed Tomin no Mori on my own. I was chasing a few guys down the mountain but the only time I was with another rider was on Route 7 just after Itsukaichi Station where I bumped in to Pro rider and good freind Seiji Saito.
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