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Hola!! Greetings to everyone here!!


Aug 27, 2019
First of all thank you to the admins for accepting me into this site, my name is Jose, I'm from Mexico based in Tokyo (shibuya-ku).

I have been living in Japan for some years and I got introduced to city cycling by a friend 10 years ago here in Japan... and from there I barely use any kind of public transportation.

My very first long travel was from Tokyo to kawaguchiko, and my longest ride was from Tokyo to Kyoto some years ago(done in a gravel bike with no training or even properly prepared lol).

Almost 4 years ago I bought my very first road bike and I love it...since then i started to learn little by little about mechanics, maintenance and riding, and I am hungry for more knowledge and experience.

I love riding alone since I can go on my own pace and can push myself to my own limits(and sometimes change plans while riding) but also I would like to join a riding group or just someone else who would like to ride usually on sundays.

If there is someone who can sometimes ride 2 or 3 days in a row and camping along the way once a month it would be awesome.

It was kinda long introduction, thank you for reading this far and I hope we can ride someday sometime.
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