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hip pain


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
I have a gammy right knee which makes me favour my left leg which is much bigger and stronger than the weaker one.
Recently I've had my saddle a fraction too high which seems to have thrown my hip out a bit. (and my saddle on my commute bike is probably too low).

What I really need to do is have a knee reconstruction but the thought of not being able to ride hard for a long time keeps me away from the scalpel.

Anybody here have a knee reconstruction (in Japan or elsewhere)?
I think Dwayne has.....


Thinking of having it done by the Kashiwa Reysol doctor.... $20,000 to have it done in Aus was a bit too much for me...
Feel Your Pain, Bro

Got a bum left ankle myself (from a dislocation and break 35 years ago). Right leg
takes care of the left, but too much running on concrete causes intense pain and swelling.
When researching what I could do about the problem, I came across this (Australian)
web site:


This link is to the forum for knee injuries. A brief glance at the ACL reconstruction
threads revealed people posting from Japan -- non-Japanese living in Japan with
Japanese healthcare coverage but seeking a wider range of info/opinions/options.
You might try asking there.

I get hip pain off and on, especially when I up my running volume by a large fraction.
After reading other people's stories of post-dislocation ankle degeneration, I count my lucky stars,
and stay off the concrete (at least until that juvenile feeling of invulnerability
sneaks up on me yet again).

If by reconstruction you do mean reconstruction of the ACL, I would guess that it
has a highly successful prognosis, if for no other reason than it is so common among
professional athletes, whose teams have a great deal invested in them.

Good luck sorting out the best course of action for your knee.
(Libations at TCC's bonenkai would be sure to help, one thinks.)

David aka TrufflesEater

P.S. BTW, I have been very impressed by how state-of-the-art Sports Medicine/Technology is in Oz.
Yeah the Aussie doctors get a lot of U.S sports people flying in to get the newest methods performed.
The docs charge about $7000 for just their time. (including pre-op interviews etc...I'd say less than 3 hours work on their part....then all the extra costs....theater rental, etc).

My ACL has been torn for a long time and I had one op but the stoopid Doc didn't want to fix it. Just vacuumed out all the torn cartlidge and sent me on my way.

In March I dislocated it very badly and still not right since then....My wife has even mentioned that I'm starting to walk funny... :eek:

A friend of mine in the U.S recently got a cadever transplant ACL. That's pretty advanced.

The axe wounds I've seen on some Japanese knee surgeries has not helped me get it done sooner.

I joined that site you linked to and PM'd the giy you mentioned.

looks like you need a couple of things done.
A. deep tissue massotherapy
B. comprehensive stretching program designed not only to stretch your legs, hips and back but hip flexors and abs as well. Make sure your ITB band gets special massotheraputic attention too. For quick saddle height adjustment measure your inseam (no shoes) and multiply by .883 (not the best method but it will do in a jam). check cleat adjustment (toe in and out). A Chiro that deals with soft tissue as well as bone is also recommended

if you are looking to avoid the knife for as long as possible i think this will help dramatically
I have an uncle who had both knees done (in oz) and they had him up and walking really fast and it was very successful even though he was an older gent. They are very good at this stuff in OZ, but you are right it is really expensive. Feel for you though...its not nice to be off the bike and live with one of these long term probs. Hope you get it fixed fast!
Ouch! Really, really sorry to hear that Pete... Was it skiing/boarding that did it? Hope you can get it sorted before the 2008 race season starts. Have you talked to your teammates about good doctors in Japan?
Ouch! Really, really sorry to hear that Pete... Was it skiing/boarding that did it? Hope you can get it sorted before the 2008 race season starts. Have you talked to your teammates about good doctors in Japan?

My knee always plays up after skiing.
This time it was the day after and I was walking my 2 clydesdales in the snow on an icy road. One went one way one went the other and my knee went both ways....


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