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Hilly ride this saturday


Speeding Up
Jun 13, 2007
I plan to do a small ~60 km loop in Sagamiko area starting and finishing at Takao station (riding out from Tokyo makes it 110 km). I won't be going too high - the highest point is Odarumi-toge (2 times), but there are many hills to suck your energy, including short but brutal Makime-toge.

I want to do it non-stop, but will be taking it easy.

Takao st., tomorrow, 10:00

feel free to join! :D
Sergey, sometimes I wish I lived closer to you guys. I'll be doing a similar ride but in kanagawa tmr. Have a good one, Mike.
Dave, see you tomorrow!

Thanks, Mike, you too have fun! Hope to see you soon
Warm weather and dry roads, not a trace of ice/snow, not even on the sides and on the hill tops - so unexpected for February, it felt like summer is back! :D but then again we never went higher ~450 meters.

We've completed a 66 km loop with 1300 meters of ascent without stopping (yay!) - very painful return to the hills for me, but seemed like a piece-of-cake ride for Dave.

Thanks for your company, Dave! Hope you made it back home without any problems. I uploaded a couple of pics in the gallery.
Sergey riders from Positivo will be passing through Takao around 10 am so our paths may cross!
Thanks for a great day Sergey. The weather was perfect, especailly considering reading about the epic rides last weekend with people battling artic conditions.

Hopefully spring is on the way!

Looking forward to the next one

I guess we'll miss each other by 24 hours, then ;)

Maybe Mob has a new bicycle? DeLorean DMC-12
Hahaha...yeah sorry about that.
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