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Hilly ride sunday 20th dec.


Speeding Up
Sep 8, 2008
Hi all,
Anyone up for a brisk (in both senses of the word) ride in the mountains tomorrow sunday 20th starting from Hashimoto station?


Maximum Pace
Oct 13, 2007
Clay, dude, you're back!? That's fantastic, man! I can't ride tomorrow, but let's ride soon!

Jules -- to give you an idea of how strong Clay (echothree) is, he won the Mt. Fuji Hill Climb in the Elite category a few months back. As a point of reference, since you've ridden with me, he makes me look like I'm riding backwards -- on the flats or in the hills. But despite being way faster than me, he's a grand fellow. ;)

Just know that Clay's "brisk" means "faster than hell." I say go for it!



Speeding Up
Nov 8, 2009
ok, clay. realistically, i am not clay-brisk ready. and i am putting spd's on my bike for the first time tonight. its most likely foolish to try to keep up, let alone rip my legs apart with cleated shoes without having had time to settle into them etc. if this doesn't put you off (then i don't know what would) then by all means email me and we could at least say hi at hashimoto station. junior~jules.
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