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Hilly Boso Re-run (Sado Masochist Event One)


Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
Ok - if you have been following the Sado thread you will know that Sergey, Steve T, Lee and I have entered the impossibly torturous 210km long ride.

Preparation starts this weekend with a re-rerun of Phil's excellent Hilly Boso event.

Sat or Sun are both OK at the moment and so far we have :

Lee (Richy 152)
Sergey (KPYKC)
Charles (chazzer)

Any other takers and which day is preferred ? My vote is Sunday.

You know I'd love to join a TCC ride in my own backyard, and practically any other weekend I'd be with you...but we have family visiting and the Saitama time trial on Sunday, so this weekend is out for me :(

Let me know if you want to do Boso again before the Sado trek, and I'll definitely be in. Have a good one!
Sunday it is !

OK - executive decision made !!

Lets make it Sunday. The weather looks similar for both days and this works a little better for me. So far we have Sergey, Lee and myself.

Arrangements (courtesy of Phil's previous ride) :


"Starting at Chiba-eki, Route 20 will get us out of the city, and then a right at Honda (誉田) station takes us into the rural roads south. We'll cross Takataki Lake and turn onto 81, which follows the Yoro River into the Yoro Gorge and to Awamata Falls (栗又, not "Kurimata" which is what I called them earlier). After that it's some wilderness riding into the hills along 178, and then a number of loops on some real back roads weaving in and around the lakes of Kimitsu."

Lets meet at Honda Station, which can be reached via Chiba, at 09:00 or so Sunday morning with a view to setting off at 09:30 sharp.

This seems to work from Tokyo area

From Nakano

07:49 arrive Ochanomizu 08:03 (Chuo)
08:07 Ochanomizu to Kinshicho arrive 08:15 (Sobu - just cross the platform)

Change platforms

08:18 Kinshicho to Chiba arriving 08:49
08:54 Chiba to Honda arriving 09:08

All this for only JPY 1,110 :D

See you there, more welcome !!

Ahhhhh, I'd love to join my fellow "Sado Masochists" for this, but heading down to Kyushu for some an alternative plan of two-wheeled golden week discomfort. Have a good one !

I have also loaded the actual route followed using my GPS in Feb on Bikely as below


Since I am not strong enough to lead from the front a la Travis then it would be a good idea for all of you to have a map and some idea of the major route points.

See you all tomorrow around 9 or so.

raining solidly ...

... am assuming the ride is cancelled.
It was one excellent day!

Thanks, Charles, for introducing this ride and Lee for fine company! Also special thanks to whoever came up with this route - smooth, long and curvy roads, beautiful sights, lots and lots of hills, minimal traffic - a dream of cycling! :rolleyes:

155 km were pretty hard but the pleasure of the ride was worth it! Now, I know where to go for long, fast and enjoyable cycling - Chiba! :D
Another Chiba convert ....

Yes, thanks greatly to both of you for making it such a fine day out.

The roads were perfect, quiet and the scenery truly stunning. It can only be described as a real pleasure to ride through Chiba on the route taken yesterday, and I greatly appreciated the experience of riding on this type of terrain. Parts of it did remind me of cycling round when I was an old-boy back in the UK in a way, with intense greenery and winding curvy bends. The hills, however, were of a different league and the final 40kms were especially demanding with one ascent followed by another.

Don't know about you chaps, but I feela bit tired today. We must have surely done a good workout for Sado.

Ben - it's a great shame that you couldn't make it. It was a bit damp when we got to the station and the road's were pretty wet for the first stretch in the morning, but there was no rain as such. The afternoon was pretty hot.

Yeah, was kicking myself in hindsight, but when I left the house it was bucketing down. Glad to hear you had a great day and really hope I didn't keep you waiting long at the station. Have now got Chazzer's keitai for future reference. B
Thanks !!

to Sergey and Lee for making this a fine day out and, Ben, sorry we missed you on this one.

I am not going to even try to emulate the great scribe Travis here - suffice to say that it was absolutely excellent again. Many thanks again to Phil for opening our eyes to the delights of the Boso interior.

I guess the real moment of drama was Lee`s blowout. Clearly audible from behind and luckily the rear and at slow speed. I had my tire boot patches with me and we used one of those to patch the tire which had a rip in the side wall. We had a bit of a struggle seating the tube but managed in the end. We briefly contemplated turning back, but managed to get enough air in the tyre to persuade ourselves that we would be OK as the hole was in the side wall. Lee also promised to keep his descents to a reasonable speed !

As we were repairing the tyre an old boy turned up on a scooter and asked lots of questions and laughed increduously when we told him about our intended route. It was indeed shinjirarenai !! After ten minutes of this and a lot of headscratching he presented us with a big bag of sweets and shot off in a big blue haze. People are really friendly in deepest Boso for sure !!!

On a personal note the Edge 305 GPS was again behaving bizarrely. It seems that on loop routes like this one it gets confused and tries to pick up the return leg once you have entered the loop itself. This was odd as I was using the actual data from the ride in Feb. Even stranger was that I had given the same data to Sergey and his 605 tracked perfectly all day long. Hmmmmm.....

So for me the stats were :

Distance 148.3km
Avg speed 24.4km
Max speed 69.1km
Ascent 1839m
Avg cadence 77
Max gradient 12.6%

I am also getting fitter - I spent 52% of my time in HR Zone 2 and 3 and only 14% in Zone 4 with no time at all in the redzone 5. In Feb the stats were 45% in 2 and 3, 30% in 4 and 10% in 5. Good news !!

Still very tired at the end though and 210kms on Sado is going to be a big ask for sure !!

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