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Hilly Boso July 5th


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Sep 1, 2007
Trucksan (David) and I were thinking of doing a Boso run this Sunday (July 5th). Would love extra company if anyone is interested:

When: Sunday (July 5th), about 9:30AM rollout. Back by 4pm (he says optimistically)
Start/End: Honda Station (誉田駅) on the 外房線 (Sotobo JR Line), Chiba

Similar to the original Hilly Boso, with a slightly different approach to the coast, but with the same climb up 81. One short foray up Daifukuyama to explore a rindo that I haven't ridden before and that should drop us back into the Yoro Gorge area (no worries if we can't find it, there is an alternate route out of the hills).

Only 125km, but very up-and-down, especially on the way back, so a bit harder than it looks. Moderate-fast road bike pace, sticking to the low-traffic roads.

Weather of course is a problem these days; we'll cancel if it looks like rain.
Our team are training there every Sunday these days as well. I've been meaning to go with them but haven't had a chance yet.
Will see if I can make it this time.
With either you guys or our guys...
Getting there is my 1st hurdle...

Selling 2 of the puppies on the Saturday so that will deserve a long ride on Sunday.

Hope the weather is good.
Ride of the Daves?

David (Truffles) and David (Anderson) > Great, see you there! David (trucksan) and I will be riding out to the station; there's a JR外房線・安房鴨川行 out of Chiba and Soga that arrives at 9:25 AM--does that sound okay? The usual exit (south, I think it is?)

Pete > Sure hope you can make it. There's coin parking at the station, or maybe meet up with us and ride out from Sakura way?

Weather is still looking okay. Can change rapidly though, so will make final call by, say, 8pm Sat.

Looking forward to it!
Sold one pup this morning but the second one is now being sold tomorrow...so I have to wait around at home. :mad:

My club are doing the hills down there tomorrow as well. They do a 5km lap course for about 3 hours...and head home around 11.a.m

They want me to do that as well. :mad:
weather is looking fine

So far weather is holding up. Forecast is for southerly wind coming in at 9 and in full swing by 12. Dare I say it but might might be no wind down and a tailwind home...........blessed are the gods.
Only trouble I can foresee the complications of three davids in a group of four.

Yep, looks like we're a go. Rain coming in from the south after sunset, but we should be well ahead of it if we stick to schedule.

Official group is the three Davids and myself, with chazzer as a maybe. If you're a late join, just show up at the station by 9:30AM.

Looking forward to it!

Pete > Sorry you can't make it, hopefully next time. (I can probably guess which hills your club uses for the training, we'll be going up and down a couple of them; there's an Inage shop team that rides in the same area, I think.)
Naomi-san and I will see you tomorrow at Honda Station for this ride.
Sorry, neither of us is called David.

Thanks gents! (and quick report)

Naomi and David (TrufflesEater) were late cancellations, so it was just four of us--David (trucksan), David (Anderson), Alan and myself. We were all at the station early and ready to roll right around 9:30.

The route was the standard Boso ride; to Lake Takataki, south through the Yoro Gorge, over the hills to the coast; then back again. The new rindo that we were going to explore quickly turned to gravel; not knowing how long it would stay that way, we turned back and descended to 81 via another rindo that I knew was navigable.

The long, wet rainy season had left green patches of moss and mold(?) over many shaded areas of the back roads. At one point we found a large puddle that was home to a healthy colony of what is scientifically known as "pond scum". Unfortunately, pond scum is very slippery, and this particular patch took David A's front wheel from under him at speed. David (trucksan) who was behind, also had to hit the ground to avoid going over him. The result was a few nasty-looking scrapes to elbows and scratches to shifters, but otherwise both riders and bikes remained wholly functional. After that, though, I for one took the descents down the dank, green rindos much more tentatively!

We were caught in a brief shower just south of Takataki, but it soon cleared. Helped by the tailwind that David had predicted, we made it back to the station at 3:30pm, a Boso record for being ahead of schedule. :D I'd be interested in knowing our total elevation for the ride (Alan, David, do you have it off your Garmins?)--it might have been one of the climby-est Boso rides yet.

David, Alan, and David > Had a great ride today, many thanks for the company. It definitely wasn't easy, but with second beer safely in hand, I do remember it was fun...right? Hope you all made it home okay and the injuries from the crash are as light as you made them out to be.

(Pete, we did run into your teammates, or at least four of them. Plus we saw the Giro team, too (from the Inage shop that I mentioned).)
Phil - my Garmin logged 1830m of climb and my legs agree fully with this reading.

many thanks for a cracking day out in the beautiful Bosso peninsular. I'll keep a beady eye out for the evil, ice like greeen algae next time. No damage to report apart from slightly bruised pride.

Good job guys!

I was happy to have had a lazy day:) instead of such that tough riding:bike:.
Anyway, when I am fully recovered from rib cracks, I would like to join you.

Good ride,

My garmin says total ascent 2706 , descent 2734........uummm, I turned it on and off at the same place !

That first beer after sitting on the soft lounge, I wish they always tasted like that.

No damage done by that primordial soup on the road. I think my arse slid across the lubricated tarmac with the same ease as the front tyre did.

looking forward to the next ride.

Thanks one and all.
Hilly Boso...

...the ride that does exactly what it says on the tin!

Those small, rolling climbs and descents mean a fairly tough ride with few places to rest. The back road rindos were interesting as ever, and I had a grandstand view of the double crash of the Davids. I would have fallen too if I had been in front. That green algae is super-slippery.

Thanks to Phil for organising and setting a cracking pace throughout the ride. David (Trucksan) nice to meet you and David (Anderson) nice to ride with you once again. Hope you're both recovered :eek:uch:

I was pretty pooped by the time I got home; maybe still a bit jet-lagged and after 9:30pm could not keep my eyes open anymore!

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