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Hill Climb to 5th Station of Mt Fuji


Dec 15, 2007
I am another newbie and riding only for 6 months. I regularly go to Enoshima, Kamakura from my home once a week which is, i think, 35km - 40km one way. I also rode to Shibuya once from Soubudai where i live which is about 40km but 3 or 4 hill climbs included. I got this idea of hill climbing to Mt Fuji 5th station, of course i will have to go Mt. Fuji from my home by bicycle first which i don't know probably over 60 km to go there then do hill climbing and afterwards ride back home again. My question is, in order to do this crazy idea of mine what kind of training i need? I go to gym regularly 4 days a week to keep in shape by the way.
Also was wondering are there any other riders around or near Sobudai whom i can join for a friendly ride.


And welcome to TCC :welcome:

TCC has official tours to the Fujii Hill Climb and last year went to the 5th station on another tour.

Please have a look at reports from the last tour to the 5th station in our archives of tours.

You are very welcome to join us in any of our events. I look forward to riding with you someday!

Was a Sagaminono resident for a while, but moved to Fuchu.

Pisces, your Fuji Hill Climb sounds fun. If you ever figure out some details on how to get there as well as the climb itself, perhaps I might want to join you for that one.

A little bit about me, basically a newbie to this site. I picked up cycling two weeks ago after a 20 year hiatus. Not a road bike anymore, but on a crossbike; mainly for commuting to work. Was living in out in the Sagamiono area for several years, and now living in Fuchu quite near Tamagawa.:bike:
Thanks for messages

Ash thanks for the tip. I will definitely check archives for past hill climbing reports. I noticed that xtrca writing some good articles about hill climbing but so many foreign bicycling terms for me. I am kind of lost. I guess in a few months i will get use the bicycle jargon
Bukknoi i live in Zama city if i figure it out how to go Mt. Fuji from my place at Zama city (11 years in Tokyo, Saitama and Kanagawa areas but never heard Fuchu) i will let you know. I think best think to do is go with experienced cyclist to unknown territories unless you want to be in news like "Two lost gaijins rescued from Mt. Fuji."
Are the roads to the 5th station open during the winter?

Also, as newbie to newbie, mapmyride.com is system by which you can map out routes and distances, as well as elevation - this can be quite useful.

For instance, I've been thinking of doing a lap round fuji so mapped it out like this:


Have yet to find the time to do it though ....
Fuji 5th Station - January

No problem with a few modifications to your bike :p:p:p


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