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Hidden GPS tracker for your bike.


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007


Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I think if you do a search, I already own the copyright to that idea. They'll be hearing from my lawyers. :eek:uch:
A patent search confirms: You snooze, you lose.

I wonder if it comes bundled with with a baseball bat for offender re-education.

Probably would need to sign a $$$$ contract with Softbank, here.


Maximum Pace
May 28, 2010
Almost every good idea has been had by more than one person, but the only people who get to make money off of them are the ones who actually do something with it.

Of course, sometimes the best ideas are the ones no one had, and are so simple that anyone could have acted on them...

And sometimes the best ideas that someone acted on don't make them sh't because they didn't do the paperwork (patents), or because they created them while working for a company.

I did wonder myself when someonen would finally make an econonic way of lo-jacking a bicycle. I hadn't thought of the steering tube being the place to conceal it though. I think something that fits inside of a saddle tube could be another viable alternative, especially when you consider that saddles are stolen by kids, etc, probably as often as whole bicycles are.

That, or you could have a light, or computer with built-in tracking, but once it gets out that tracking exists, thieves will make a point of throwing away certain parts, or taking the bike apart.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
I am curious how they're going to ensure that the battery is charged when it's needed. GPS receivers can be quite power hungry. The better this thing is concealed the more difficult it will be to keep its battery charged.


Speeding Up
Mar 3, 2009
Looking at the original site it looks like the battery may last a year. They also have a version that goes inside a rear light. Seat tube is an interesting spot as well, but I bet there would be some issues with reception in there. At least in the stem perhaps they use the cap bolt as some kind of antenna.

If I was still commuting in London I would certainly pick one up. In Tokyo, perhaps not so much as I keep the bike inside anyways.
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