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Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I'm from Ohio. I've been in Tokyo for about 8 years, and have been avidly cycling around the city for the last 4 or 5 of those years. I ride a Surly Cross-Check set up for light touring with a rear rack and panniers. It's not the fastest machine out there but it's a great all-rounder.

I just completed a ride around Izu over Golden Week. It's always a bit rough coming back to the city after a few days out among the trees and woodland creatures.

I'm looking forward to getting out on some rides with you guys at some point.



Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Daniel, I think we may have crossed paths in Izu. Do you remember seeing 2 guys and a Japanese lady on road bike going in the opposite direction? Was that you? I think it was nishi izu somehwere...


Speeding Up
Apr 26, 2010
@Mike - I think I would have remembered if I had seen three people on one road bike! That's not the kind of thing you see every day and an amazing accomplishment I must say. I had a hard enough time with just me on the bike.

Seriously though, we very well may have passed you. We passed a number of groups and tried to say hi to everyone. We stayed on the 136 (I think that was the highway number) most of the way. It was an amazing ride but there was some serious grinding to be done.

@Phil - Thanks! It's good to hook up with a community like this. I love cycling but I'm not very knowledgable about maintenance, upgrades, etc. I've been reading some of the threads on here and gotten a lot of good information.


Jul 7, 2007

Welcome to the forums Daniel.
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