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Feb 28, 2009
Hi there

My name's Richard and I'm a keen(ish) cyclist who occasionally goes out riding with Don's Half Fast Mob (http://www.halffastcycling.com/). My main rides are laps of the Imperial Palace and along the Tamagawa/Hinohara-kaido. I can't believe though that after living in Tokyo for almost 5 years (this time) I've just come across the TCC!

I'm originally from NZ but haven't lived there for more than 10 years now, spending my time both here in Japan and in the UK. I live in Shibuya and work for a Japanese trading company in central Tokyo.

Thanks to a very thoughtful pedestrian who stepped out in front of my bike when I was going 40km+ I'm actually recovering from a broken collarbone at the moment, but am looking forward to meeting you all out on the road sometime soon :bike:


Welcome Richard, and get well soon. Hopefully see you on the road!

Welcome aboard ! OUCH. Bicycles and collarbones don't seem to mix well. But hey it probably saved your head. I hear a LOT of broken CB stories. Myself I just ripped my Chromium Tendon which holds up your CB. Still a bother 20 years down wind though. GOODIE LUCKIE TODO
Welcome to TCC Richard. Hope you recover soon. Keep an eye on the boards for upcoming rides when you are ready to roll.

Thanks guys. Hopefully I shouldn't be off the bike for much longer - I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms :(
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