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Hi there!!!


Nov 3, 2008
Hi, TCC Forumians!
My name is Valentin, I live in Kasai, Edogawa area.
I am new to cycling and currently looking for a friends to ride together :eek:
I know nothing about races, how to train, health etc.
Just curious if somebody can help me here...
For now I enjoy weekend Kasai-Kawaguchi rides on that cycling road under the C2 expressway to Tohoku road.
Any advices are appreciated.

初心者なので一緒に走りたい友達を探しています。 :eek:
Hi Valentin,

welcome to TCC! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! :)

If you live in Kasai, you probably live near the kyu-edogawa river--part of my commute. It's a good place to start. Go up to find the Edogawa that goes for ages, go down and see Disney Land across the river at night (or day, I suppose too, but not nearly as pretty).

Thanks for you replies!!

Really happy to get replies to my introduction post.
Thanks to everyone who responded.

Here are some questions for now:

1) I am looking for different cycling routes and routes around the city and outskirts. Maybe somebody has a scheme for Tokyo and suburbs cycling roads? Why not post it? Or maybe I haven't checked the website properly?

2) Do you meet sometimes for a ride together? When is the next ride to join?
(I don't mean race, I am a beginner :) ).

3) Where do you guys usually shop for bicyle stuff? (I need some winter things!!!). And wuuuf, in the places I know, stuff are so expensive :confused:

Thanks a lot in advance.

in terms of routes you can check out bikely.com or on the official and non-official pages ever tour/run usually has a linking map.

to my knowledge (maybe nobody tells the girls these things though...) there are no "regular" rides and TCC doesn't have "beginner" rides. Some rides will be labeled as a "moderate pace" or you can ask where early bail out points are.

I get my ass kicked every time I'm out with TCC. Don't get me wrong, everyone has been really nice and I have a great time and am looking forward to my next ass kicking in Hotaka --but it's tough to keep up. (What's my fitness level, you ask? I commute about 50km a day RT to work... not super hot but not beginner.)

for beginner rides, I suggest www.halffastcycling.com they have maps on their site too.

have fun! if you see me on the rivers give me a wave. --yellow tires, white helmet, non-japanese chick.
Thank you very very much

Thanks for advices. I'll get in touch!
I surfed this page a lot and got a lot of useful information. (Links to various sites are very good).

On saturday I went to Makuhari-messe for bike exhibition, got some Japanese bicycle ride maps. Not good at all. Completely unusable. Guess I have to look it for myself or just start with http://www.halffastcycling.com/

If you see me on the road wave to me also.
Celeste-colour Bianchi bike , Blue helmet, non-japanese.

Thanks everybody...
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