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Jan 23, 2008
can you help?

I've just moved to Omiya from England and foolishly decided not to bring my bikes :confused:

So, I'm looking for a bike shop in either the Omiya / Saitama area or Tokyo.

Can anyone recomend a shop to me please?

Once I have sorted a bike, I hope to come ride with you all !

My favorite shop is in Shin Matsudo.


Nice ride back to Omiya from there.

By train.... Tobu Noda to kashiwa---> Chiyoda to Shin Matsudo....walk down to Daiei and the shop is 3 shops behind the Mitsubishi Bank.

Ride home---> Edo river to route 16. Route 16 to Omiya.

I'm sure you'll hear of other shops as well but there are often a lot of cheap older (one year) stock going....off the rack.

What size and what kind of bike are oyu looking for?
Hey, thanks for the reply...

I ride mountain and road bikes regularly and hadnt really decided what i wanted yet.

Either a bargain road bike or a decent xc hardtail mountain bike. I have a 55cm road bike at home and an 18" or Medium mountain bike.

I'm living in Omiya as i mentioned but working in Ageo, i was thinking of commuting by bike but hadnt figured out if this would work yet...
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