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Hi - new from London, interested in Japan by bike


Dec 7, 2010
Hi - I am expecting to be in Japan with my girlfriend late April / early May and we were interested in seeing whether we could do some cycling. I am assuming Tokyo and south because of the weather, and ideally an option that avoids the need to carry any luggage. I've seen some options in Northern Japan but they don't operate at that time of year - any input would be very much appreciated. If we can make use of them, we can bring our own bikes.

Love the TCC team kit by the way - you could sell that as novelty cycling wear here too :)

Many thanks

Kevin :bike:
Hey mate.

Can't give you any info on what you need to know without more details.

What stuff have you looked at so far?

If you let us know, I am sure the more knowledgeable members will be able to help.

Thanks - the options I looked at were in Hokkaido, but they don't start until late May. They basically gave you a route and made sure your bags were at the next stop when you got there - so self guided, although joining a bigger group would be fine too. We like the idea of at least a week cycling, and could try and deal with the luggage issue by doing either day rides or perhaps a couple of 2 or 3 day loops where we could travel extremely light.

We fly in to Tokyo, but will definitely get to Kyoto (and therefore probably Osaka), and possibly Kyushu if that makes sense. I'm assuming Okinawa will be a bit of a stretch to fit in to an 18 day trip, although it does appeal to the girlfriend for sun and me for a karate pilgrimage. I have been to Tokyo before, but never cycled in Japan.

Any comments much appreciated.
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