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HI I live in Ina, Nagano and am looking for a club/team for road and cyclocross!


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Dec 31, 2009
My Name is Chuck Wiesner
I Just moved here from San Francisco where I was very active in racing and I want to find a team to train with. I am a very strong rider and I am a USA Cycling certified race mechanic. I have worked with Mavic Neutral Support, OnSupport, I also have done support for a week long tour of 100 riders and some mountainbike support. I have 5 years of bike shop experience and can fit people to there road, cyclocross or tri bikes. I was trained by the best in the business! I ride and train every day and I want to place well in the Fuji Hill Climb and plan on doing as many races as possible, I already have signed on with JCRC. I do not mind if the team is not in my area, I have a car and weekends off. right now I work on my parents familys farm. I speak little Japanese but learn , more daily. I also have asperations to work at the tour of Japan doing mechainical support, I have not made the effort I should be at this time, but I soon will. If anyone knows any contacts of anyone involved with the tour of Japan let them know I will be glad to offer my services! I am 28years old and ride a Time road bike and a Ridley cross bike.
Let me Know whats good!
Great! Did you bring a tool set with you?
Sure did!

Its all the basics and what I need to work on my Campy stuff
No stand but I am going to fabricate one soon with my father in laws welder
Try Equipe Azumino

Run by an ex pro / olympian who also has a shop in Matsumoto. They are a friendly bunch who do good rides in the Nagao mountains. They also organise the 2 days of Kiso event and take part in amateur races and jitsugyoudan races too.

Another jitsugyodan team is Daihatsu Bonne Chance based out of Iiida.


They would be teams to hook up with if you want to train together. If you just want a team to race for (ie. meet up with at races) there are a whole load teams out there ranging from fun riding to serious pro / semi pro outfits.

I race with my local team じょんのびTIME in Niigata


and Ravanello (based out of Tokyo) for more serious stuff.



Stellar info my friend!

I will visit Kazuo from Equip Azumino this weekend to discuss riding for his team.

I cant thank you enough, just what I was looking for!
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