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erik ZO

Aug 27, 2009
Hi there folks- yesterday I inadvertenly threadjacked into team murrays
hello from no. california post.... with this intro

I too, am from California,San Francisco I first visited tokyo in 1986 and this visit will be partaking in the 2009 cycle messenger world championships in tokyo this coming month. I ride all types of wheels from unicycles to tandems with my specialty niche being the moving of freight. I found this site in the process of doing research on the shikoku pilgramage of 88 places , some of which I have been to by bike, and figured this community might also be intrested in the upcoming CMWC and surrounding events... I look forward to meeting up with you and taking a spin next time I visit tokyo all the best erik ZO

let me give you some other information:
the web site for the 2009 cycle messenger world championships is:

Last time I was in Tokyo was the summer of 2007 and I had a show in ...on sundays the shop in the bottom of the Watarium museum in Shibuya.

This year I will be doing a show as well.
it is called Cycle Messenger World Championships :looking back at the first four years.
This show will be at Cycle Square :
The show will look back at the 93-96 events through posters parcels programs zines and photos from the events. There is also a look back to the mid century cycles and the freight they moved in the urban areas as we transistion back to using the bicycle for those purposes again..

A little about me.. I grew up in a family run bike shop ,raced road and track as a youth, then started riding for money as a messenger. I also took place in mountain bike racing from 80 -86 . I want to ride the PBP some day.
Bicycles- I guess I am the type of cyclist that reads NEW CYCLING ,only I can't read Japanese ,but anyhow I like JacK Taylors, and other classic steel bikes .I also have an interest in moultons and folding bikes. The bicycle I will be racing in the worlds is a modern Danish design or a midcentuy danish design ,.now made in Itiawan -- here is a link to the BULLITT site.:
I also have a great intrest in the intersection of art and cycling DANIEL Rebour and Frank Patterson two of my favorites. ANyhow look forward to meeting some of you and feel free to ask any questions you may have about the event or my life... all the best and stay on two wheels
erik ZO
Hi Eric,
I missed a chance to speak to you during CMWC and only found out afterwards that you had left for Shikoku. I did the full 88 temple pilgrimage in May and like all Henro I will probably set out to do it again later in my life. Maybe that time on a road bike ;)

Without knowing that you helped with the Cycle Square exhibition, I had great fun there as well. It is a great place to swing by if you ride near Meiji Dori/Park or 246, just for having a quick double espresso or taking some more time to dive into cycling paraphernalia.

Feel free to get in touch anytime, I look forward to hear about your trip to Shikoku. I haven't yet gotten to it, but wanted to put some more information online to make this amazing voyage more accessible to foreign riders.
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