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Hi from Melbourne


Jul 26, 2012

I'm a road rider based in Melbourne, Australia. I've been on and off two wheels for about 32 years but riding pretty solid for the last 6. I'm mainly a commuter rider and occasionally get out for the odd century or hill rides on the weekends. I've started to ride a few organised events this year including a couple of 145km hill/distance rides around Victoria which has seen me develop a taste (or a sickness) for hills :)

I'm heading back to Tokyo for a holiday in September and to try and keep my fitness up I'm keen to get a ride or two in while I'm there but not sure where I'd be able to hire a good road bike or where to go. Any pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated!

Thanks again for letting me join the site, looks like a great bunch of people here :D

-- Ian
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