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Hi Everyone!


Jul 21, 2016
Hi everybody!!!

I'm moving to tokyo for a bit over 7 months from September and need to keep the legs spinning!

I'm bringing my bike with me and my trainer if i can't source one in Japan first.

Couple of quick questions to anyone who knows....

1. I'll be in Takanawa, any good rides there? I understand it's in the metro area but maybe theres some good bunches on the weekend mornings somewhere?

2. What kind of level are you guys typically at? Im love y riding have just finished a training plan but the riding will be put on hold till i get there. I'll be hitting trainer road during the week to get my fitness and my FTP up also... I'm not the best climber but am learning to love the hills.... Sitting at a bit above 90kg and an FTP of 255ish....

3. I heard you have to have your bike registered... Is this correct? Any more info on this?

Hope you're all having a great time there, hope to meet you guys some day.



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Oct 9, 2015

1. For people living in central Tokyo, most regular rides head west, into the Tokyo suburbs / countryside, or the western Saitama mountains. Have a look on Google Maps; find Takanawa, and just look left!

2. There are riders of a variety of levels. 90kg / 255w means that the harder rides will be currently out of your range, but there will definitely be rides you can join and complete and enjoy.

3. I am sure someone else can chime in on this one for you in detail.


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May 22, 2007


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Dec 9, 2015
Hi Alan @Alsd07 ,

Another Allen here. Welcome to Japan and the TCC site. There are a number of groups you can hook up with for rides during the week and especially weekends. I will send you a PM message with links to those groups.

We have a TCC crew that meets every Sunday morning early 5 am. We ride between 100-160km with a few pretty hard climbs and speed work thrown in. Pretty advanced. You are welcome to join if you feel up to it. Or join the other intermediate level groups and work your way up.


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Sep 20, 2012
Hi, and welcome. As @theBlob said, you should be fine on any ride as long as you have a GPS computer with breadcrumb trails. That way, if you do get dropped, you can easily follow the same route back that you took on the way out. The good thing about riding from the Tokyo area is that it is pretty much pancake flat for around 20-60km (depending on which way you go) so you shouldn't get dropped on the flats.


Jul 21, 2016
Awesome thanks very much for the replies guys!

Ive got a garmin edge 510 that i THINK has some nav option on it but ive never used it so ill have to see.

When i get out there I'll come and tack on and try to hang on. I look forward t heopefully meeting you guys soon!!


(Good to see another Al here :)
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