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Hi all!


Apr 28, 2009
Well I guess the usual introduction on forums such as these has always been "I just moved to Japan" or "I've just picked up cycling in Japan" though in my case its more like "I've been so idiodic such that I never realized there was TCC despite cycling here in Tokyo for the last 2.5years".

I currently live in Metro-Tokyo and usually ride the Arakawa or Oi-Futo over the weekends with some trips out to Okutama with my cousin on rare occasions.

I'm a regular contributor on WEIGHTWEENIES but quickly found out that cyclists from Japan are very scarce on the forum.

Now that the weather has improved significantly (at least until the Tsuyu season), is there anybody in Tokyo that would like to get together for a bit of weekend riding?

Glad you found the site. Better late than never, eh?

For rides, just keep an eye on these boards--there's something going on most weekends, and some weekdays, too...
My name is Lyle
Oi Futo is my regular Sunday morning riding area
Look for me there at 8 at the park where all gather.
You will certainly see me. I have a big blue aluminum bike. Don't be shy.
I do lots of laps, join other groups, get a good hard work out and go home around 9:00 to 10:00 rarely after 10.
Hope to see you there
Lyle, you're quite the earlybird. I noticed that the stronger groups usually gather around 9:30-10AM with a good concentration of collegiate cyclists that travel in a sizeable peleton of approximately 15-20.

Do you live around the area and if you do, we should meet up for coffee sometime!
I'm hoping to go on the 10th of May. I've entered the TOJ for the 24th and need to do some memory refreshing of the course.

Hoping to do about 50km or more... jumping in with some of the large fast groups.
Okay then, I'll look for you at nine.
I don't stay late, like to have a full day.
Also the police prefer to come around nine thirty, but recently they've been absent.
If you happen to miss me, I'll be on a white Pinarello Dogma FPX with Lightweights. See you guys there! :)
Looks fine to me.
By the way, were you at Oi last Sunday?
It was sorta fun playing with that crazy wind but I could see it was dangerous too; predicted there would be at least one crash before the day was out.
So after playing around a few laps I see a group of racers going by (without doing the bridge u-turn) so I hop behind. They hit the tail wind section on the long straight away, I sling shot by them and my speedometer just keeps kicking up to near sixty. After I pass the acknowledged sprint point I look back to see the racer dudes are also playing a sprint game. The guy who won lifts his hands in playful celebration. However the wind keeps carrying him and he doesn't get his hands back on the bars in time. At the right turn he tries to brake but he pops a back wheel wheelie and hits the curb with his front wheel between the guard rails. He flips over and his beautiful time carbon bike gets screwed, not sure if it was serious but looked nasty. Of course he was laughing out of embarrassment but could've been hurt, we've all been there (right?)
Anyway, rubber side down and hope to see others at Oi this Sunday.
Oh yeah, I was there but wound up going very late, around 10:30ish I think. I'm not a big fan of wind, especially when its against me but I know what you meant about having the speedometer hit the hi 50km/hr mark. Imagine having a headwind for 50km straight up Arakawa during early spring...makes me cry.

Speaking of crashes. I've seen some nasty spills at Oi Futo when you have the noobs that jump into a peleton and have no clue as to whats right and wrong. This is probably one of the reasons why I always try to stay towards the front of the peleton and will always drop out of one when it gets too large for my own good.
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