Hi all new cyclist here!


Jul 15, 2011

I'm from Minnesota and I've been living in Suginami-ku, Tokyo for about 13 years now, but just this month I started getting to cycling since some of my friends were into it. This past Friday I picked up my first road bike (ever!), a Focus Cayo 3.0 with carbon fiber frame and SRAM Force groupset. I plan to start cycling around Tokyo from today. I'll be meeting some of my cyclying friends and we'll be riding to Yoyogi park. My other hobby is photography so I'll bring my DLSR camera with me to take some pictures while we are at the park :)

I also got some Speedplay Zero pedals and it's taking some time to get used to getting in and out of the pedals! Very embarrassing falling down on my bike LOL!

Anyway I hope to start joining some rides soon with TCC!

Bob Huynh