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Hi again!


Sep 10, 2016

Lurked on the forums around 2 years ago, when I did a ~4 week trip in April 2017. Made a not-fantastic start in Kyushu, then had a great time in Kansai and Shikoku, before catching a cold doing the Venus Line and Shibu-toge. Fortunately I came good in time to get out for a ride with @Sibreen but I had little in the way of productive time in Tokyo.

I have just booked another trip for October, and I'm doing the reverse order this time around. I'll be setting out on Wednesday October 2nd, spending the first week around Tokyo/Nagano. So probably head to Kawaguchiko and hit up Mt Fuji, I've heard good things about the Venus Line and I've got unfinished business with Norikura. Open to any other suggestions (and anyone who wants to tag along for rides).

Otherwise will be lining up some riding on Shikoku and around Kansai, plus then some more riding in Kyushu.

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