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Hi! 30yr old Brit moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept from Singapore


Mar 21, 2019
Hi TCC Membership,

By way of introduction, my name is Mike, I am a 30 year old British Shipbroker based in Singapore and I will be moving to Tokyo in Aug/Sept with my wife's job leaving me unemployed and with lots of time to cycle (at least initially!).

I would love, whilst I am still in Singapore to start talking with the TCC Community membership so I can hit the ground running on my arrival.

Currently I am riding/racing with Anza Singapore (Cat 1-2). I do not know how this will translate into the category of rides with TCC but ideally looking to start training and racing.

Further to this I am currently a focused "roadie" but have heard there is a great CX and MTB scene in Tokyo and I would love to get started so any guidance on this would be much appreciated.

If anyone has any general advice also on best area's to live for Tokyo newbie's I would also be grateful!! :)

With that being said - look forward to hearing the replies and can't wait to get started!


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Welcome aboard, Mike. Japan's a great country for cycling - particularly for us mountain starved Brits:)

Regards the racing, this sticky might help you out but the information is quite old (update anyone?). I can't offer anything more than that as I don't race myself.

TCC organizes rides, but they're on a bit of an ad-hoc basis so you should check the Rides section of the website.

Hi Mike,

Not many racers frequent TCC, and even less that live in Tokyo. There is a massive local road racing scene though, and lots of shop teams that organize rides, enter races, go training out in the mountains and all of that. The CX scene is big too, with races held within reach of Tokyo almost every weekend from September through to March.

As general advice on where to live in Tokyo, if you find yourself in central Tokyo there is a loop around the Imperial Palace that is very popular for early morning training rides. To the north east of central Tokyo is the Ara River, which has shared-use paths for training, and is a popular route for getting out of Tokyo and up into the mountains of Saitama and Chichibu. To the west of central Tokyo is the Tama River, and just across the river is an area with lots of short hills also popular for training, and with roads and river paths out to the more rural and mountainous Sagamihara and Hinohara areas further west.

What works best for you will depend on where you live, but wherever you are you will always be within reach of a local LBS with a good community of riders. That said, living in Odaiba in the middle of Tokyo bay is not going to be that great for cycling.
Good morning Gents,

Thanks very much for the advice and really appreciate the replies.

Having never been to Japan, despite 21 years as an expat in Singapore, it is good to know that there is a good cycling culture which I can get involved in once I arrive and looking forward to exploring some new roads (Singapore is a bit small and repetitive!)

I will likely live somewhere between the 6pm-9pm zone on the Tokyo Clock (as i have heard it referred to) Yoyogi-Uhara and Naka-Meguro are currently areas of interest so hopefully that is close enough to some LBS.

Would be great to catch up once I arrive in Tokyo, will be looking to make new friends up there and happy to pay for the post-ride beer! :)
Welcome to the site and good luck on your future move to Tokyo. If you're up for some weekday rides on the 12 to 5 o'clock side of Tokyo on the Arakawa river, I live near Arakawa river and frequently ride that route up to Saitama/down to Shinagawa. Its a bit windy at times, but pretty flat. This is what GrantT referenced. If its weekends or even a Fri afternoon, there is an excellent craft beer place in Kitasenju about 0.5 km off the path.
Hi Matt,

Thanks so much for reaching out, will definitely be up for some rides - will be coming to Tokyo in early August to do some house/apartment searching so will bring the bike with me and hopefully can get a few rides in during this time! You have sold me on the craft beer!

Please drop me your Strava profile and ill add you - would like to start seeing some of the routes people are riding on a daily basis!

Mine is https://www.strava.com/athletes/20201771
Me and a mate are often out at a lake near Wako on Arakawa in the early mornings doing laps year round. There are also several groups of serious dudes that do group training every morning from 5am there.
Should you find yourself in the north side hit me up and feel free to join if convenient. I think there's a sticky in the rides section about thursdays. Or you can find me as Ant F on strava.
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Hi Ant,

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated! Will definitely hit you up once I get settled up there!
Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies previously.

I will be coming to Tokyo for a recce trip arriving Sat 3rd and leaving 12th August. Apart from 6-7th I would love to grab a ride with someone/people particularly on Sunday 4th for a longer ride!

I will be staying somewhere close to Akasaka, if anyone is keen please let me know!


Enjoy your trip Mike. I'll be in the US at that time, so see you after you move here.
Welcome, Mike!

I reckon I'll be around on the 4th, so would definitely be down for a jolly of some kind...

Hopefully see you in August.

Hey Tom,

Sounds great - ill drop you a private message a couple days before to see if the timing works for you.

+ + + +

Thanks Matt, see you once I get up there proper in Sept!
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