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Half Fast HFC Weekend Rides 8 & 9 June

Half-Fast Mike

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May 22, 2007
Hello bicyclisters. We had a great weekend last weekend, as you'll know if you were there on one or more of our rides or have seen all the photos.
So let's have some more!

-- Saturday 8th June - Takao-san --
This is a mountain ride, but it's really a very little mountain. So if you've ever wanted to get into riding hills, this is a great way to start. It will also be great endurance training for our Norikura event next month.
We'll meet meet by the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi Hills at 0900 for a 0915 ride-out. Following our usual route to the Tamagawa, via Komazawa Park etc., we'll then head upstream along the rivers and reach the base of Mt. Takao around 1200-ish. From there we'll ride to the top, Otarumi Pass, and stop at the legendary Fujiya ramen shop for lunch. Maybe a beer. Certainly we can refill at their freshwater spring!
Faster riders can, if they want to, coast down all or part of the west side of the mountain and then come back up, while slower riders are making their way. After lunch we will ride back down the hill. If you might want to bail out early and take the train home, bring your bike bag. Otherwise we'll ride back down the rivers and into town, or we might take a different route. The full round-trip from Roppongi will be about 120 km. Leader - me.
-- Saturday 8th June - Beginners' Haneda --

James will lead a beginners' jaunt to Haneda - 30 km, easy pace, all welcome. Meet up at 1000 (earlier than usual) by the Grand Hyatt.
-- Sunday 9th June - Beginners' Odaiba --
Sal will lead our other beginners' run, this time to Odaiba. Meet up at the usual time of 1100 by the Grand Hyatt.
-- Wednesday 12th June - Pink Cow Night --
Next Wednesday is Bike Night at The Pink Cow in Roppongi. Cyclists of all treads gather to trade experiences, tips, ideas, plan rides, and whatever else cyclists do in a restaurant. This month's presenters are a couple calling themselves "TotallyTandem". Starting July 1st they embark on a 20,000 km tandem bike voyage from Canada to Chile. Do you want to know what's in their panniers? Do you? Come and find out.
As usual, we'll start gathering from 7 p.m., though the Pink Cow opens from 5 p.m. if you want to come and have dinner early or just relax with a beverage. Presentation from 8.30. Hopefully I will also have the new HFC kits for people to pick up.

Phew! That's all for now. Keep the rubber side down, my friends.
Mike Sims-Williams
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