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HFC Wada Loop, test ride possible, too.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Got this from HFC...

Starting from the same place, but earlier at 9:00 a.m., Brian will lead an advanced 160km+ hill climb. Brian>>>

Wada Toge (Jimba) on Saturday (4/30).
Meet Roppongi 9 am (NOTE EARLY START TIME)
Futago about 10
Y's at Fuchu (Yotsuya bashi) about 10:45
then either clockwise (Hinoshi-Takao-Fuji something-Wadatoge-Hinoshi)
or counter clockwise (the reverse of the above)
(direction to be decided on the road)
160+/- km with several climbs , some greater than 10%

I'll probably join this. And I have a new, 44cm Carbon Teambike if anyone wants to give it a shakedown. Will fit (especially Women) from 155cm - 170cm under 70kg. Compares quite nicely to a Trek Madone 4 series. (Just did an AB test)

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