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Ride HFC Ome Temple Loop - Saturday 10th Oct


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
Saturday October 10th Ome Temple Loop
Meet at7:55am at Ome Station.

Half Fast's annual Ome Temple Loop ride. 90km. 2700m of climbing according to Garmin last year. Map shows more. Apparently we pass 37 temples or shrines, for those counting
This is a HFC ride so will definately not be same pace as the guys did in September, however this is no beginners ride. We do wait at the top of each climb for everyone.

Suggested Train : 06:46 JR Shinjuku Track 11 JR Chuo Special Rapid Service 1 (arrives 07:47 at Ome). Lockers at Ome if you need them.

Nowhere planned for lunch so stuff your pockets with Clif Bars. Getting chilly on the descents so you will probably want a jacket/warm top for them.


Maximum Pace
Sep 4, 2015
Thanks macrophotofly for leading the ride. It turned out to be not remotely half ar£ed considering it was a half fast ride! I only wish I had my camera at the ready for some crossing the line shots at the top of the 17% climb...
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