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Mar 28, 2007
I've been living in the Yokohama area just about a year now and have been riding since September.

I tend to ride 3-5 days a week usually between 15-40 miles each time I go out. I'm interested in gearing up for some longer rides 200k, etc once I get more familiar with my bike.

My husband rides a little bit, but I'm also looking for other people who know the area to go and ride with (and also who are better than me!)

Local Rides

Your not far from where I live (Futamatagawa). There are nice rides along Sagami Wan. For a challenging ride, take on Hakone Pass to Asahinoko.

200 kms is quite an ambitious objective for a day`s ride, or are thinking of biking 100 km radius from a starting point?

I`m planning an ambitious ride myself soon and will start a thread with that as a topic.
Hi ayasechick,

welcome aboard! :welcome:

Please check out next week's Uenohara loop, a challenging 250km run.

Thanks...and I did...and wow. I don't think my legs would like me after that, and I'm a little slow (wouldn't want to hold you guys back)!

Have fun though!

To Phil...eventually 200km in a day (could be 100k out then back)...they have some brevets in the States that I'd like to participate in when I go back.
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