Hey there...

Apr 19, 2011
Hi, my name's Chris. I'm a kiwi living in Koenji, which is pretty handy for jaunts along the Arakawa and Tamagawa. I also like exploring the back roads out west (where Kanagawa/Saitama meet Yamanashi). There's some great scenery out there, and some nice hills. I got my first road bike late last year, a Trek 2.1 http://bikereviews.com/road-bikes/trek/2010-trek/trek-2-1-road-bike/ , and am really happy with it. I usually ride about 100-140km a day [Edit: on days I go cycling, not every day], and average 24km/hr or so, so I'm not quite at the gung-ho level some of the characters around here ;) .

Anyways, looking forward to meeting some people and getting the wheels turning regularly.