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For Sale Here's a museum piece for you...


Aug 14, 2013
A 1946 Schwinn Paramount track bike. It doesn't get much more special than this. Early serial numbers were lost in 1948 to an office fire but the serial on this puppy is P10 (not the model, the serial, stamped under the bottom bracket), and 1946 was the first year of production after WWII. 1938-39 Paramount serials started with an 'A'.

20.5 inches seat tube C-t-C (52cm)
22.5 inches head tube C-t-C (57cm)

Yes, an extra two inches of top tube was considered racing geometry way back in the days of six-day races. Tube angles are equally generous.

80,000 yen, firm. While I have come to terms with the fact that I will not spend the money needed to bring this back to it's former glory (correct adjustable stem runs north of 10,0000, phone dial wheel hubs around the same, correct paint job, same-same) I'm stupid enough that if I see a frame like this going for less, I would end up buying it myself. I know, I need help...

I'm in Aomori Prefecture, Misawa Air Force base. PayPal preferred as I don't have a Japanese bank account, or cash. I just sold another paramount frame (large '79). The brave soul sent me cash and I'm about to ship it. He probably won't mind confirming the transaction.

This is one hell of a vintage bike, sad to see it go but it is better of with somebody that can bring it back.

I'm in a military base with access to USPS mail. If somebody want to send it to Waterford for a factory paint job (I think $1,200 USD, stickers and all) I'll be happy to help.


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Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
I think you mean the Top Tube is 57 cms?
Got a pic of the rear bridge and a close up of the rear fork ends?


Aug 14, 2013
Opsie, yes 57cm top tube. Here are snapshots of those areas. Tomorrow I'll take better pictures.

Nothing bent, no visible dings. The headset is built into the top tube, not pressed in. Seems to be in good shape but without ball bearings.


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