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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
Anybody try it?

I know they sponsor a cycling team... http://toshibacycling.com/

I know my gut is still not responding to eating sensibly, exercising like an Olympian and resting properly.... and a friend of mine who sells Herbalife gave me a few hits of their wares....
I may try it as I've got not much to lose...

Anybody here want to talk about their experiences with this company?

So far, from what I've read and tried I can't see too much wrong with the company..... :confused:
From what I know...

... which is not a lot...
I think they're like the "Amway" of health-care products.
Whoever you buy from may try to persuade you into the (pyramid-style) selling side - like the Amway people.
However, like Amway, I've never heard anything negative regarding the products themselves, as long as you don't get dragged into the 'business-side' (which may or may not be dodgy).
Hope this helps!
Thanks Travis.....hey, I got some good stuff to make you cycle faster! Wanna try it? 30 days free trial...


Yeah, the stuff they sell all looks good and I know the sales can be a bit heavy but I don't mind trying it. It may even help me. Even Beckham is promoting it now... :cool:
Pyramid power!

I have a low tolerance for borderline-legal ponzi schemes. MLM to be polite.

On the other hand, anything that could cut through this cloud of constant fatigue would be nice...
> cloud of constant fatigue

I've been tired for the past few months, and oversleeping.
I told this to a few people, one person said it's because of the change in the season, I thought Ok (although the season always seems to be changing here (in my 2nd year here)).
I then told someone else why I was tired, they then told me that that's for ojiichans! :eek:

Thanks Travis.....hey, I got some good stuff to make you cycle faster! Wanna try it? 30 days free trial...

...Only if it promises me to be able to beat Deej up O-toge!
Wada-toge might be a possibility too!:D
Will be a guinea pig for a month and see what happens.

My weight has been fluctuating a bit. Was at an all time bad at 95kgs in Feb. (Valentine's day to blame for that).
Was 88kg for most of the last 10 years. Always put on a lot over winter and lose a lot towards summer.
Been 93 or 92kgs for most of the time since Feb. Hit 89kgs last week then back to 92. Was 92 this morning. My goal is 78 by the end of summer....

Day 1: Had the pills and protein shake for breakfast.... --->diarrhoea
Had the pills and protein shake for lunch..... --->diarrhoea

Feel fine. Will have a regular dinner. :eek:uch:
> Valentine's day to blame for that

I wasn't happy when I lost Easter after coming to Japan, all those big chocolate eggs and bunnies!
but yes, Valentine's day can certainly make up for it! :D

> pills and protein shake for breakfast
> pills and protein shake for lunch

I don't know much about diets, but always happy to learn something.
anyway, sounds like from the above that protein intake is increased with this diet plan.
if so, and total calorie intake is to be reduced or even maintained, then I assume that means you have to eat less carbs?
and if that's the case, and from the sounds of your other posts you do a fair amount of training, I'd be interested to see if you feel like you have less energy during this month.

also, could you tell me what are the pills for?
The pills are for vitamin and minerals and a bit of energy.
Will try and give a more detailed answer once I look closely at everything.

I had a bit of energy loss on Saturday and Sunday but feel fine now.
Had a gym work out last night and could still do all the weight limits I'm on no problem and was energetic at work today. Even felt light on my feet up & down the stairs.

I may be into the ketosis now where my fat is being released into the blood stream and giving me energy.

I can also carb up at dinner time. (Having the protein shakes and tablets for breakfast and lunch.

Down another 500gm this morning.

I guess the program ensures you get the necesary vitamins and minerals (plus protein) and hopes that you don't over load on carbs...

so far so good...

Even the trots have gone away since I started swallowing the tablets whole.... I've started to blog this in the blog section so if you want to follow my progress go there. I don't want this thread to look like an ad for HERBALIFE. (I'll see if my body itself does that in the long run).
thanks. will follow the blog.
good luck with it! :)

note: stairs seem to kill me. I wonder if there's any correlation between that and hill climbing. I hope not ;)
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