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Help with route from lake Suwa to Fuji


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Dec 31, 2009

I want to ride from my home in Ina, Nagano to Mount Fuji next month. I know the best route all the way to Lake Suwa but have never ridden past there. Can anyone help me with a route to Fujisan? I dont have a preference as to what side I would like to climb and really do not mind. I will do this over two days, possibly three. I am looking for a route that is not as busy, but I could handle a busy road if it is neccesary. Also if any one wants to join me let me know! I will plan to do 100 to 150km the first day then the rest the second day staying in a hotel with an onsen near by. I may extend the trip to the ocean as well, but just want to see what it possible just getting to Fuji.

Thank You,



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May 29, 2008
At the base of fuji there is http://www.mfi.or.jp/mtfujihostel/ this hostel that let me keep my bike in my room. You can write them in English (or Japanese) if you want.

The roads from Matsumoto over utsukushigahara to Chino are stunning but enough climbing for one day for most mortals.

If you head to the coast from Fuji, it could be an easy-ish days ride. *mostly* downhill. the road from Yamanakako to Gotenba is a car filled slog. Rideable but no fun. From Gotenba to hakone, I recommend the side road that takes nagoa-toge. The really pretty looking skyline south of the lake is no bikes allowed (boo). I think most people recommend rt 20 down to Atami? Check out Hakone-Ekiden threads.

Have a blast! Sorry I don't know about the roads to get to Fuji...

toledo baha

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Jan 20, 2009
There is a road that basically runs parallel to route 20 from Suwa to Kofu. Basically you ascend into Hara village from Suwa and than it's all downhill from there to Kofu. Not many cars at all. If you take a look at a map book, you'll be able to pick out that road right away.

I can't comment on Kofu to Mount Fuji, have never done it on the bike. By car you can drive through the mountains right to Kawaguchi ko and Fuji Yoshida. A huge series of tunnels, I wonder if anyone has dared trying this. I could not recommend it.

As koribeyer said, traffic can be a bear from Yamanaka ko to Gotenba, especially as you get to the outskirts of Gotemba. Weekdays would be no problem, though. Looooong, fast descent.:)


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Dec 31, 2009

This is all helping Thanks!

I have driven there two seperate occasions and the traffic was really bad. I am really just focusing on the goal, riding on the mountain and am willing to go through some rough sections. I ride on some pretty hairs roads where I am and rode in San Francisco for quite a few years so not to worried but just want to see if there any good way to do it.
I suppose if the tunnells are down hill I do not mind either.

Thanks for the info thus far:)


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Apr 8, 2008

Do you have access to a car?

I would recommend heading out early by car day 1 to Fuji Yoshida. Climb the Subaru Line, not so steep.

Circle the mountain in your car and try the super steep Asami line in the afternoon. Double Whammy!

Drive down to the Izu Penninsula. Base yourself somewhere central like Yugashima Onsen on R414. From here, two days of exploring the great passes and beautiful coasline on the west coast. Easy to make some interesting loops starting out and ending at your base.

Have a nice trip!




Jan 13, 2010
I get the feeling that ProRaceMechanic wants to avoid driving (as would I). However I wouldn't have the same objection to hopping a train to get through an ugly segment.


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Dec 31, 2009
This is good...

Yeah Andy That does sound like more fun now that I am reading it. I wanted to feel the accomplishment of making it to fuji from my home but I do think it may be much safer and probably alot more scenic doing it your way!
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