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Help with Garmin Edge 605


Oct 4, 2008
Any Garmin 605/705 users out there? Here's my question:

I have the Japan maps loaded via SD card on my 605, and now want to actually plan a route (if possible - and in English) prior to heading out to ride. I know quite a few loops and long runs, but it would be nice to have a route pre-loaded into my 605 before heading out that will provide turn-by-turn instructions for when I head up into the mountains.

Also, once I go out with a group that actually knows a particular ride, how can I use my 605 to "record" the ride, and then save it for future use?

Any help you could provide would be appreciated!
I got my Edge 705 two weeks ago and have used it once properly.

I downloaded the up-up down Japan maps mentioned on the other thread on this site and have been programming courses in on mapmyride.com (I've had trouble with bikely). I've then saved the course selecting the "save to garmin.gpx" or something like that.

Within the Garmin Training Centre I've then loaded the mapmyride course and just transferred it to the 705. It then shows up in "training" - "courses".

It's probably possible to do it on the training centre programme itself but I'm still getting used to the software.

As I mentioned, I've only had it a couple of weeks so there might be better ways of doing this. The guidance from Garmin on all these points seems really weak.

Once, I accidentally uploaded the topographical map instead of the street map. That was a disaster as all I could see were the contour lines.

Regarding your other point, last weekend I did the Shirokuma pan ride with TCC and programmed in the ride from mapmyride as above. The course we did was actually a little bit different with some detours enroute. When I got home, the 705 had recorded this ride and I could see it in the GTC.

Some blogs often have nice pictures of a ride which show heart rate, altitude, distance etc. but what I see on the GTC is not clear at all, with no smooth lines.
Glad it's not just me having trouble getting my head around Garmin 605/705. I am rather beffudled about the different file formats, and Garmin menus.

Perhaps someone could tell me :

- if there is any way within the device to transfer a ride from History to either Training/Courses or Where to?/Saved rides.

- what's the difference between Training/Courses and Where to?/Saved rides ? Can they be navigated in the same way when out on a ride?

I seem to be becoming less familiar with my 605 the more I use it!
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