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Help on CAAD9 in Japan


Sep 29, 2010
Hi folks,

Although I have been MTB'ing and BMX'ing for quite sometime now, I really want to take up road (touring & a bit of racing). I have looked at the available bikes, and I am really interested in purchasing the CAAD9 (in Japan I think they have the 1, 5 and 6).

However, correct me if I'm wrong the prices here seem to be considerably higher than Europe or North America for CAAD9's with similar components, what with the yen being so high.

Now I understand that the CAAD10 2011 is already out, so I'm wondering if these prices will drop anytime soon for the 2010 version? What do you guys think? Also, for Cannondale users, is there a preffered dealer that you use?

Thanks in advance!
I just asked this question about CAAD9s in Y's Road in Shibuya a couple of days ago. Basically, it's a crap shoot. The prices will go down eventually, but when this happens and how big of a discount it is depend on where you get it from. Also, if you wait for them to go on sale, reduced stock means you may not be able to find the size/model/color you're looking for.
Thanks for the reply.

I'm worried about the frame size as well. I suppose I will need around 56 - 58 frames, which doesn't seem to be a plenty in Japan. But in the case that the price won't drop much, I was thinking of waiting for the 2011 CAAD10. But I don't know how much of a step up in price that would be.
Just in case anyone is interested, I went around to look for the CAAD9's, but the sizes 56 - 58's are not available at all. I guess it's really hard to find that size anyway in Japan.
Thanks Pete, but I actually already tried out a friends CAAD9. I actually called so many stores already but they really don't have my size here. The one thing that they recommended me is to pre-order the CAAD10, and they could probably get my size.. but I heard the CAAD10 frames were now made in Taiwan rathare than in the US (I think Giant is Taiwanese made too) . So even though it's lighter, I'm not so sure..
Give my friend Shige-san a call at SpaceBike. His number is 047-308-5551. He is a Cannondale dealer, is very resourceful and may be able to help you out. Also, please tell him I referred you.

Regarding the CAAD10, I understand your hesitation, but I wouldn't let the fact that is no longer made in the USA dissuade you (and I'm American, BTW). Everything I've read from hands on experience has been extremely positive.
I don't understand this at all. I am in the same position, looking for a 56 or 58cm size FELT and have called the FELT distributor in Tokyo and they don't have any that big. I would hate to drop 2 grand on a bike I haven't test road no matter how sure of my size. And I see much taller bikers all the time.

As for last years models, for FELTS, riteway distributor has the 2011 up and the 2009s price did not go down much at all. I am not sure if canondale is the same or not, but not looking good. Might be worth the new cadd if they made any improvements over this years model.

Good luck
@Pete, thanks for your advice.

@michael, I was told the other day that most of Japanese dealers don't even carry sizes over 56. A good Japanese friend of mine who is over 6ft tall, had to order his online to get a proper size.

I wonder if we purchase from wiggle or other international online bike shops, we would get hit for a hefty import tax or not. :eek:uch:
Try Brian in San Francisco

If you Email Brian @ contact@bigswingincycles he will set you up with a cannondale, yeti, moots, ridley marin, orbea cheaper than you can get anywhere here.

Tell him Chuck sent you for the team discount.

He is a dealer in San Francisco and you have to pay for shipping, but with the inflation of the cost of a decent bike here you still make out good after shipping. Plus he really knows his stuff. Too bad about the caad 10 not being USA Made. I wish I had gotten one before it was too late.
I have some info, as was recently looking around and am currently getting a CAAD 9 built up
(for me, having test-ridden both the CAAD 9 is the better bike – with the hydroforming the CAAD 10 is a different bike, not a refining of the CAAD 9) and there were a few CAAD 9`s at the dealers in Yokohama
but can`t remember off-hand if they had any large sizes. However, they were fairly insistent on MRSP.
IF you are interested in a trip to Osaka, then I came across this site as I was looking.
I don`t know how up-to date the info is, but they have a 56 CAAD 9-6 (apart from 9 vs 10 speed, Tiagra 4500 is no worse than 105 5600) and 56 and 58 CAAD 9 3 (ultegra but that is expensive) listed.

To answer some other points, if you get a bike shipped here then I think the customs duty is 5% and if you are lucky, it might not be applied. However, dealers won`t ship a bike from abroad as against Cannondale dealership agreement.
The CAAD 10 is Taiwanese made but I think the reason is that with the new tubes being hydroformed to set up this facility at Bedford (Cannondale`s US base) would have been prohibitive. I think the frames are made by Giant to Cannondale design specification (correct me if I am wrong) but they do a lot of sub-contracting for other brands so it is standard practice. As for production quality, most high-end frames these days are either Taiwanese or even Chinese (Cervelo) made so quality isn`t an issue.
Unless someone starts a price war, prices are unlikely to drop any time soon. Distributors worry about the Yen rate changing again and then not being able to raise prices.

I have had one of my bikes shipped from internet dealer to Japan and had to pay import tax, but the amount was insignificant. I also had to pay for the shipping and that was not cheap, but it still didn't get the total cost anywhere close to what I would have had to pay in Japan. And this was half a year ago when the Yen was still a little weaker than today.

Whether or not you like your bike will depend a lot more on the components and on the sizing than the frame. So figuring out what saddle you like most, what stem length you need, certainly what frame geometry you need etc. will be much more important than test riding a bike.
I bought and brought a CAAD9-5 from the US. It cost me $100 to bring it on the plane with me. Saved $900 and I was able to get it in blue.
Hi everyone.. I actually purchased a CAAD9 in Tachikawa. It was quite a job bringing it back to Tokyo though. Actually the shop has 56 and 58 frames. The one thing is that it's the 2009 model, which the difference with the 2010 frame would be the BB30.
I actually purchased a CAAD9 in Tachikawa. It was quite a job bringing it back to Tokyo though.
Did it not have wheels? I find these things much easier to ride than to carry.
:D It was pretty late when I picked it up, and wasn't too sure how to get back to Central Tokyo from Tachikawa. Plus, I had no lights which made me worried the police would stop me.
OH WOW thats a very new shop..... and as its Bayside Marina they will be tring to selll to the Ex Pat population of Yok's
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