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Aug 13, 2008
hello all,

My dad who has been riding road and for many years, came to visit me in Japan. He wish to spend a week riding roads in here (maybe Fuji area, still haven't been decided). Anyway at the moment we are facing some difficulties in getting basic information

1. Where can he rent proffesional bike in tokyo? (we keep being sent to city bikes stores)
2. A shop with english speakers staff will be a great advantage
3. Is it allowed to use the trains (shinkansen) for transfersing bikes?

Thank you in advance any help and information will be great

what size bike is he after? is he looking for a full on racer or a touring bike? When is he coming. I dare say this would need to be a word of mouth rental.
Bikes have to be in a bag to protect other passengers from dirt and sharp protrusions but no problem on a shinkansen.
Thank you

His height is 1.75 m and weight 85 kg.
usually he ride bike size M

There aren'y any proffesional bikes to hire in Tokyo?

Maybe if you guys have some difficulties on communication in Japanese, Japanese TCC members can help.
Don't hesitate to ask your friends here!
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