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Help needed: witness sought


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Can anyone help out?

=> https://tokyocycle.com/classifieds/...74&title=seeking-a-witness-2c-white-guy&cat=6

Posted by Uenuma

I was riding my bicycle down route 319 from Roppongi crossing towards Aoyama when I was accosted by a crazy Japanese car driver. 

I am now being taken to court because the idiot driver claims that he's the victim. The incident occurred just past the Roppongi Mid-Town large building complex.

The driver was initially in a right-turn ONLY lane, but cut across the middle lane and just about hit me when he abruptly stopped his car. There was a white male in his 30's to 40's riding his bicycle directly behind me whom shouted something at the idiot driver.

The incident happened over one and half months ago (Nov 25th) on a Friday afternoon around 2:00-2:30PM. I have placed several ads in the Metropolis and am planning on placing an ad in the Japan Times looking for this guy as he's a crucial witness to what happened. I think the guy spoke native English, but not of a British or Australian accent thus he thinks it's an American or perhaps a Canadian.

My advertisement goes as follows:



Seeking a witness:

White Caucasian well-built male in his 30’s - 40’s who was riding a bicycle (with straight handles and wearing a large backpack) on route 319 from Roppongi Crossing towards Aoyama whom was cut off by a crazy Japanese car driver near Roppongi Mid-town on Friday, November 25th at around 2:00 -2:30 PM.


Sep 2, 2009
Oh, that is not good.

I will spread this like wild fire across all my networks and see what I come up with.

Was not me on the bike.

I sincerely hope the hunt ends well.


Can you not only put this in the classified section, but duplicate it as a post on the forum so people can comment?


Speeding Up
Jan 30, 2011
Why is the driver suing the cyclist? The didn't hit or anything?

I have seen a foreign guy on a white bike in the azabu-roppongi area a few times. He speaks English, but he sounds a little Russian in his accent. He is probably late 40's. Not sure if it's him though...


Speeding Up
Mar 3, 2009
He should hang out there a few days around the same time. The guy might be a regular commuter through that route.
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