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Help : "Easiest" roads between Nagoya and Osaka ! And join my project ;)


Oct 26, 2013
Hi all,

i'm crossing through Japan in bicycle in order to raise funds for Tohoku (tsunami).

You can look at my steps here : https://www.facebook.com/bikingfortohoku

I've also a blog, but not all the posts are in english and in japanese. Maybe next week.

I'm currently in Kakegawa (16th november 2013). Monday, I will arrive at Nagoya and I will take a day off.

So, if the weather is good wednesday 20th, I would like to reach Osaka. But I can only browse 50-60km per day because I have a trailer of 25kg with the bag behind my bicycle, so when there is a slope, even 5-7%, it becomes really hard for my legs...

So, what roads could you suggest me ? And better, if someone can join me for some few kilometers between Nagoya and Osaka, it would be very wonderfull !

thanks in advance for your answers !


Maximum Pace
Sep 17, 2011
Hi, I am working in Nagoya. What area will you be staying in?

What is your route into Nagoya? I may be able to join you on the run in.

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