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Jul 16, 2012
Hello all,

Moved to Tokyo from Vancouver last year. I'm still a newbie cyclist and am looking for some nice areas to ride around. It would be great if you guys could offer some nice locations.

Also couple of friends and I are planning to create a new service for bike messengers. If anyone here is/was a bike messenger and is free to talk for abit, please let me know.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Welcome to Tokyo and to TCC! :)

While I can't offer any input on the bicycle messenger service, here is some recycled advice for new arrivals seeking to ride:

If I you want to meet other cyclists and do anything from casual to slightly advanced group rides, with socializing a primary objective, I recommend Half Fast Cycling. They do rides on most weekends, weather permitting. There is a monthly get together every second Wednesday of the month at the Pink Cow restaurant in Shibuya.

If you're more into fast rides or a lot of climbing or more distance (or a combination thereof), keep an eye on the Unofficial Tours & Short Runs section, where people post their planned rides.
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