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Hello.This is Toshihiro.Sakae


Mar 9, 2009
Hello everyone!
My name is Toshihiro Sakae. Chris, friend.
I'm Sorry the greeting is late.
I was allowed to participate in last month's [shirokumapan] tour.
Moreover, Saturday of last week was allowed to participate in the timetrial of the Miura peninsula when Alan had pulled the head for a all time.
Thak you again all of members !
I am very surprised though you are a very strong, fast cyclists.

The people in various countries are making very wonderful friendship and the relationship by one point-bicycle.
I think that I am very glad as one cyclist.

Please invite it if there is Ryde that can ride together again.
My wife is a slow cyclist too.
Moreover, please invite it if there is a tour in which she can also participate.

Then, my best regards.

Toshihiro Sakae.

Please ask me the thing of Oi wharf. that area.
I have been riding with another member every Sunday .
Sakae-san, welcome to the forum and thanks for joining our Miura loop last Saturday. We'd be glad to have you on our remaining "KT" rides as well. Please see Alan's training program for more details.
Thank you

Thank you
Thomas, Lyle,

I'm allways down on Monday and Tuesday.
Because of the cycling on the weekend.

Is it age? :eek:uch:

Toshihiro Sakae
sakae-san - too old??? I think not.

You were pulling the 9 am Westy group for most of 5 laps at Oi-futo on Sunday - including the last 1.5 laps, where pace picked up to ~ 40km/hr+. All of this after the high intensity century on Saturday...

Hope to ride with you again.
I hope too.

Thank you, trad san.

You were a wonderful riding both day.
I hope too, ride with you again ! :)

Toshihiro Sakae
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